On What I Think Love Should Be Like

I have specific ideals about love, and how it is supposed to be.  I should know better.  I work in family law.  Sometimes my own life is a poster child for family law cases.  I know that love takes work.  But a part of me feels it should be like this:

Madly passionate.  Extraordinary.  NOT mediocre.  Because it is LOVE.

And I think, because of this expectation, I get disappointed.  And somehow I keep hoping and trying.  Which is okay with me – because how can I find something of that quality, that caliber, without trying.

But some days, I feel like this:

Today is one of those days.


3 thoughts on “On What I Think Love Should Be Like

  1. Words of wisdom from a fool: don’t compromise your beliefs and yourself. Disappointment isn’t bad – it shows us more things that we learn we don’t want. And, in the end, all it takes is one non-disappointment to make up for all of them.

    Plus, disappointment means learning early on that things won’t work. Better earlier than after you’ve invested a lot emotionally, no?

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