On What I Plan To Do Before I “Kick the Bucket”

I am 27 years old.  I know that that is young.  Late 20’s – Pssh.  I have PLENTY of time left to do all of the things I want to do in life.  I agree.

I also feel time moving faster than ever.  Seriously – it was just Thanksgiving yesterday.  Wasn’t it?

I seen many online posts, pictures, blogs, etc. about bucket lists lately.


   A movie titled “Bucket List” was released. (Never saw this; any good?)

 People have their own sites, blogs, etc. with bucket lists on them. (Something I plan on doing – get my braces off that is.)

  There is an official website: http://www.bucketlist.net. (Here is mine:  http://www.bucketlist.net/lists/.)

So I made a bucket list. I have two things on it.  I only added two things.  I could not think of anything more that I REALLY wanted to do in life so badly that I needed to add it to a list as a way of measuring my progress.  It made me think.  “What do I plan on doing with the rest of my life?  I am already 27!”

Then, I realized that I have already done so many things on what I will call my mental bucket list.  A list I did not even realize I had, until I did a bit of looking into bucket lists themselves for this very post.

I got braces.  I had a child before I turned 30. I have loved deeply.  I have loved selflessly.    I finished college AND got a job in my field of study.  I created this blog.

I might just make a bucket list of all of the things I’ve already done.  It will be a reminder while that having something worth working toward is wonderful, it is equally wonderful to remember and be proud of the things already done in this life.


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