On How I Like to Date Younger Men

A co-worker and I were discussing our proclivity for types of men the other day.  I usually end up being attracted to younger men.

This has not really worked out well for me in the past.  I am well aware that even a two year age gap at my age will most likely result in vast differences in maturity.  I have taken the outlook that I will never expect more than that age of a person is capable of giving.  Usually, these younger men think they are so much more mature for their age, especially if they have managed to “hook” an older woman.  Let’s face – that is crap.  These younger men are in no way more mature than any other man their age.

Nothing has evidenced this to me so much as my recent experiences with younger men.

My 2012 started off in a promising way.  I was out with friends and met an attractive young man.  We even went out a couple of times and just hung out and talked a couple of times.  I thought, “Wow, I could really like this guy.  I hope we go out some more.”  Did not happen.  Sometime after our second time of going out and the phone call we had three days later,  I sent him a text message asking after him.  He replied A DAY LATER with “Just doing what I do.”  Now, as a realist and being conscious of the age difference, I had expected nothing more.  But expectations do not always exceed hopes, and so I still ended up being disappointed.  What girl does not want to keep going out with someone she likes.

No problem.  Move on.  Life happens.  There are plenty of other fish in the sea.  Etcetera.

I mysteriously received a text from an old co-worker.  A younger man again.  I am not sure how that happens, but it did.  We exchanged some normal enough texts and then I get, “You have big boobs, I want them,” followed by, “Sorry! Just had to say ittt. Would you ever…like show me them in a bra? ;/ if you do ill show you sumthang.”


While I realize there are some RUDE statements in there, I first noticed the GRAMMAR and SPELLING!  Terrible!  Who wants to go out with someone who can’t spell and has no concept of grammar much less show that person my boobs in a bra!

If you want a view of the goods, meet me at the beach.


This is a lingerie set.                                   This is a bikini.

They look the same!

There are other fish in the sea?!  You know what SEA?!  If all you have to offer are perverted, immature morons who do not know the first thing about spelling or sentence structure, you can keep your FISH!

I am going to become a vegetarian.


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