On Why I Need Corrective Lenses

It is medically necessary for me to wear corrective lenses.  I prefer contacts, but sometimes I wear my glasses instead.  I used to always hear something like, “Oh I didn’t know you wore glasses!  They look nice.”

First, I do not wear glasses because I usually wear contact lenses.  So, really that statement makes no sense.

Second, once people, usually those who have no need of them, find out I need corrective lenses, it seems as if they cannot fathom why.  “Is your eyesight REALLY that bad?”  Yes.  It really is.  I am like a bat.  If I were to navigate the world with no corrective lenses, I would need to develop sonar.  I cannot see clearly for more than about a foot in front of my own face .

This leads to trying my glasses on.  I can safely say that putting on my glasses when you do not need corrective lenses is pretty equivalent to what I see when I DO NOT have them on or have my contacts in.  I know this because I have put my contacts in and then put my glasses on to see what it is like.  It is not a good idea – really hurts my eyes, but it gives people a good idea of what I see with no corrective lenses.

I’m sorry….who are you?  I can’t really see your face.  

So, to navigate without corrective lenses would really put a strain on my eyes.  I would not be able to read road signs, or see the television, or look at a computer from a comfortable distance.  I also would not be able to see stoplights or stop signs, other cars, or pedestrians, until it is too late.  This would also really hinder my Burnout-like driving on the way to work.  And I would really hate that.

Gee….I really hope no one is crossing the street right now.


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