On Why I Love My Body

The human body is amazing.  I know that is something that we hear all of the time – on tv, on the internet, in commercials, etc.

Today, I came to the realization that I really do love my own body.  Here is why:

1.  It contains my brain.  I love learning, and reading, and being able to function in general, and the brain is essential to life.

2.  It contains my heart – the literal one and the figurative one.  I like being able to be alive.  And while sometimes it hurts to have feelings, sometimes it is more than worth it.  Like when I gave my whole heart to a small human being that I helped create and grew.

3.  I can grow human beings!

4.  I can run, or jog rather.  And today I did.  And while the cold air hurt my lungs, and tomorrow my muscles will be sore, I felt so good that I smiled throughout my jog.

5.  I can smile, and really, who does not like smiling?

6.  I have ears which allow me to listen to and appreciate music of all kinds. I love music!

7.  It is unique.  I have freckles, and stretch marks from birth, and crooked teeth and a decidedly Roman nose. And all of that makes me, me, and I am finally learning to just love me.


Roman statue’s nose


My nose


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