On How You DO NOT Interrupt My Dreams

The other evening, I was spending a quiet evening at home facebook stalking a former co-worker of mine.  Super cute young guy who is coincidentally  super easy on the eyes.  Oooooh, wait – that is redundant.  Well, you know, that is how cute he is.   If you have not noticed by now, it seems that stalking is a habit of mine.

Now for whatever reason, my sub-conscience decided that this young guy would make an appearance in my dreams – no, no, not in an inappropriate way.

In this dream, the young guy and I were visiting his parents for Christmas, and somehow I was playing the part of his girlfriend – like in a movie when a character brings someone home whom they claim to be their significant other to get their family off of their back, but who that person is not really in a relationship with at all.  Yes, that was my part as the “girlfriend”.  So, really, even in my dreams, this young super good looking guy is out of my league.  Darn!

Anyways, in this dream, much like it happens in the movies, the guy and I were walking all romantic-like down a quiet city street with the snow falling gracefully down around us in soft little puffs.  It was evening, and the streetlights were softly reflecting off the flakes that landed in our hair.  Aaaaaaaah, sooooo romantic!  And somehow, to my complete and total surprise, he casually mentions something about “when we’re married…”

*bzzzzzz*  *bzzzzz*  *bzzzzz*
I groggily lifted my head from pillow with a, “What the F**#W#$*)#**#$)%*#$)%*!!!!!!  WHO THE H#%&#$?!?!?!??!!?!”
IT IS that guy who just HAD to show me “sumthang”.  REALLY?!
He, previously that same evening, had been propositioning me AGAIN to just look at a picture of “him” real quick to just tell him what a older person, a lady, thinks of “him”, and now this!  IT WAS FOUR IN THE MORNING!!!!!!
I was angry.  I was livid!
My response to his message, which by the way, was a picture message, but which my phone, luckily, does not automatically download:
Let me be absolutely clear.  It’s four in the f***ing morning.  I have to wake up AGAIN in two and a half hours.  I don’t hate you, but I am REALLY F***ING P***ED NOW.  I thought you seemed like a really cool guy and had a decent opinion of before you decided to start this bull s***.  I will NEVER want to hook up, and I’m also not stupid enough to open a media message from you.  I don’t know if you’re drunk or high or if you really think this behavior works with mature women, but KNOCK IT OFF AND GROW UP.  Now, to be EXTRA CLEAR, again, I work for a law firm for LAWYERS, and this behavior is unacceptable.  Do you understand?
Because, seriously, you do not interrupt my amazing romantic movie-like dream in which I am getting asked by one of the cutest, most handsome young guys I have met in person, to marry him!
It makes me cranky.

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