There I am working diligently at my smallish, cluttered work space.  I am forcing myself to concentrate, and it is difficult.  I lose track of what I was doing and stare intently at the screen in a trance.

I snap out of it, realizing that daylight’s a’wasting and I have things to do.  Serious things.  Work things.

What can help me through this, bring my mind back to where it needs to be?  Music!  Something with a beat.  Something bouncy.  Something that will not distract me from what I am doing.  I always find music to help when I am struggling with something difficult.

This will work.

And that will be the song I bust out at random intervals throughout the day along with my slick dance moves that are surprisingly similar to J-Bieb’s during Luda’s breakdown.

SWEET! Except I do not injure myself.

‘Cuz I was all “Baby, baby, baby, YEAH!”  Those ARE the only words I know, after all.

And that is how I sometimes help myself focus.  That and coffee.


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