On Nights that I Forgot to Always Remember (A General Tale of Songs and Seeing Blood)

Before I was a mom, before I worked in a professional position, before vodka gave me terrible, terrible hangovers, I was just a young woman who liked to party with her friends and who was not very wise with her money.

I guess not much has changed – I still enjoy a really good night out with friends, just not as often and not when I have my kiddo.  I am still not very wise with my money, but I am getting better at paying what needs to be paid when it needs to be paid.  I am still a young(ish) woman.

So really what is the difference between now and five years ago?

Well five years ago, had you gone out with me and, one of my bestest lady friends, R, on a Wednesday night, you would have found us singing our hearts out at our favorite downtown locale.

Wednesday was, and still is, here in K-town, prime karaoke night at Choppers.  (Yep, that is my comment there telling the bar that it rocks.  I am classy like that.)

Choppers did not used to be the typical college hang out bar you will find it to be on Wednesdays now-a-days.  It used to be a bit grimey, and grungey, and a whole lot more of a biker bar.  It was amazing.  (It still is, but Wednesdays are a little too ‘college’ for me these days.)  I like to pretend that R and I started a new trend of Wednesday karaoke-ing, and like monkeys, the college kids did what they saw.

I wish I had thought of making these.  Darn.

Karaoke was (still is) provided by a really cool guy named Dion.

Sometimes he sings, too! 

At Choppers, R and I would regularly get our groove on.   After you have a shot or two, it is easy to get into the swing of things and really want to sing! sing! sing!  (Disclaimer: This is not saying that shots are necessary to have fun, but they might be necessary in order to get some people to sing.)

Shots! Shots! Shots shots shots!

Oh yes, we were ready to rock…. And we had a whole book of songs to choose out of!

As R aptly named it, “the Book of Fun.”

Puttin’ on the Ritz,”  “The Safety Dance,” even “Baby Got Back.”  Those were our go-to songs.  (We are such weirdo-s, in the best way!)  I know all the words to those songs thanks to karaoke!  We tried singing “We Didn’t Start the Fire” once, but surprisingly, that was infinitely more hard to sing than “White and Nerdy“.  (I am sorry about that, R, I really thought we could tackle those two.  I was wrong on both accounts.)

Other times, you would see things that could not be easily explained.  Like a bloody mess of towels in the men’s bathroom trashcan with no signs of a scuffle or victims of any sort nearby.  Was there a fight? Was it just a really bad nose bleed?  Did someone try to parkour off the bathroom stall and fail miserably?!

Seriously, guys, what happened in the men’s bathroom?!

 We will never know.  Or maybe we did know, but R and I had too many shots, and we can no longer remember because it was one of those nights that we forgot that we will never forget.  Which is probably for the best since we probably tried to sing a rap song that was far out of our league.


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