On a Dim Hallway

Remember when I explained that I am scared of the dark?  Well, a few days ago at work, I had a little moment.

I work in what I consider to be a very safe environment.  The only thing that really ever goes wrong is when I somehow mess up the alarm system when I get to work early, that one time….

Back to the dark though.

Well this particular morning I was on time, maybe even a scant few minutes early, and as I often do, I brought my own lunch.  Our office building is a two story building with the break-room located on the second floor.  No one working on the second floor had  yet arrived for the day, and no one else had yet ventured upstairs.  So, I was the first person to go upstairs, as I was bringing my lunch up to put in refrigerator.

To get to the break-room, you come up the stairs and make a 180 degree turn around the corner to the right, walk down the hall, and take another right to get to the break-room.  With the lights, this is not a problem.

But there are no windows in this stretch of hallway.  And there are no windows in the break-room.  And no one had been upstairs before me.  None of the lights were on upstairs so the hallway leading to the break-room was extremely dim.

This is not the hallway from my office, but you see how that could be scary, right?

How scary is the break-rook in comparison to how dim the hallway is?!

I bet it was pitch black in there!

With no windows, I am betting it was super dark in there.  Pitch black, even.  And, dare I say, scary as hell!  Or it could have been just fine.  I mean, after all, I have been in that break -room ten’s, maybe hundred’s of times.  But probably only ten’s of times when I add it all up.  I know exactly what the break-room looks like, and could probably navigate it just fine in the dark, or blindfolded.

But I will never find out.

I did not even make it half-way down that creepy dim hallway before my fear-o-meter spiked, I freaked, and turned tail and practically ran back down the stairs.  Someone else can venture into the pitch black first.   You never know what could be waiting in that room!  Maybe we can put a nightlight in the break -room…

Then again, that might not help either.


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