On How I Was Nominated for Something Exciting!

I was not what you would consider “popular” in high school, which was fine with me.  I was never homecoming queen, and we did not have prom queen, so that was out. I was never really involved in competition of any sort, except speech for a few years. Oh, and I ran track in eighth grade and won 6th place in the one-mile.  (That is not really a great accomplishment though, because there were only 6 runners.)

So as a result of my non-popularity and non-involvement, I was never really nominated for anything.

Oh wait, I once nominated myself for an imaginary award while playing online Scrabble with ones of my friends.

So I have been nominated for one award in my life.

But now I am 27!  And I write on the internet on a website, platform, call it what you will since I do not know the correct term, that I have to say is a really great online community.

As a result, I have been nominated for The Versatile Blogger Award!  That is exciting!

That’s me!  I try to keep you all entertained!

I was nominated by a very lovely lady whose real name I do not know, but whom I thoroughly enjoy reading.  Please check her out here. 🙂  She is quite lovely to get to know.  Thank you for nominating me!!!

So there are rules associated with being nominated.  They include:

  1. Nominate 10 fellow bloggers;
  2. Inform said bloggers about their nominations;
  3. Share 7 random things about yourself;
  4. Thank the blogger who nominated you; and
  5. Put the Versatile Blogger Award picture in your post.

Let’s start at the bottom and work our way up.

Award picture?  Check.  ^It is right up there.^

Thank the blogger who nominated me.  Check.  ^It also right up there.^  But in case you missed it, THANK YOU SWEETP!!!!

Share 7 random things about myself.  Oh boy this is more difficult, especially since random things about myself are what I write about!

Okay, here we go.

1.  I do not like brown M&M’s.  I know they taste the same as every other M&M, but what genius created red, orange, yellow, green, blue…and brown?!  That does not match!  I do not care how much you promote Ms. Brown, you cannot make me like brown M&M’s.

I am sure that you are super cool, but I still don’t like you.

2.  I wish I were left-handed.  It just looks cool.

3.  One of my friends once wrote a paper proving that I am addicted to lip balm.  It is true; I even have a little basket in my bathroom to put them all in.

4.  My favorite color is black.

5.  I like to fold laundry.  It smells so good!  And, I find it a bit relaxing.

6.  In high school, I read really trashy romance novels with those really embarrassing covers that had dudes with no shirts on on the front.  I secretly enjoyed the discomfort of my male classmates when they saw these books.  He he.

7.  When I was 12, my cousin and I made wish books in which we made up an entire future for ourselves including husbands and children.  We named our children, even gave them birth dates, and their own futures. I even gave myself grandchildren.  I still have that book.  I will share it with you sometime.

So there you have it, seven things you did not know about me before, that you now do.  Unless, of course, you know me in person, in which case you may have already known these things.

Now, I need to nominate ten fellow bloggers and subsequently inform them.

1. Classic Confusion.  Read about the life adventures a twenty-something Canadian as she tries to figure out what she is doing with her life (that’s in her “About Me” section, so yeah – it’s the truth.  It’s fun!  Trust me.  🙂

2. I Used to be a Rock Star.  So what she only has three posts so far?  She is funny!  And she is the cousin in question in number 7.  Enjoy!

3. CupcakesandPonies.  Remember when I said that a friend and I loved to do karaoke?  This is her!  She likes lists. 🙂

4. Young as Yesterday.  I am shamelessly plugging my family here, but really, the cousin of mine has some entertaining and heart-touching parenting stories.  I think you will all like her!

5. The Sound and The Fury.  I am not even sure how I came across this one, but the lists crack me up!  i think they will make you crack up, too!

6. & so we ramble.  They say a picture is worth thousand words.  And these writers sum up all kinds of things with just pictures and titles.  In fact, random fact #8, this blog is the reason I wanted to branch out and try saying what I wanted to say on my own!

7. The Middlest Sister.  Childhood stories involving five sisters, and the author, who is the middlest of them.  Pure entertainment!

8. Riding In Cars with Goats and Other Stories.  She likes goats!  At least, that is the impression I get.  And also, she is super funny!  Read! Read!

9. jessseeker.  Based on reading alone, a girl after my own heart.  And by that I mean she is quite entertaining and has great stories to share!  Please read and you might as well enjoy while you are at it!

10. Reasonably Ludicrous.  Entertaining writing with awesome illustrations.  A blog by two talented gents who I like to blog-stalk.  And you all know how I like stalking.  but blog-stalking is totally legitimate because all that means is that I relentlessly read through each post.

Oh wait, I do that to all the blogs I read! I am stalking you all!

6 thoughts on “On How I Was Nominated for Something Exciting!

  1. Ps: I totally did my duty and went to inform my nominees. It is so not my fault that some wouldn’t let me make posts. I think the internets was being a blog-blocker.

  2. I am indeed a girl after your own heart 🙂 I’m with you on the brown M&Ms – even though t makes no sense – the blue ones are the best 😉

    Thank you!

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