On My Neighbors Across the Way

Remember when I told you about my cute neighbors and how I sort of stalk them?  For those who are not up to speed, read this first. I will wait until you come back…

Are you back?  Is everybody up to speed now?  You are?  Good.

It has come to my attention that these (super cute) neighbors have been spending an awful lot of time in their kitchen.  Maybe they took up cooking as a hobby.  Maybe they are doing crafts at the kitchen table.  I prefer to think that they have finally noticed my existence.  Because, if I can see into their apartment, they can see into mine, right?

Maybe one of them has started to admire me from afar?!

Yes.  That must be it.  They have noticed they can see into my apartment, too, and have decided to take it upon themselves to spend an inordinate amount of time in front of their kitchen window (the only one on which they leave the binds open) in order to look into my apartment and stalk me in return.

If you have finally noticed me, Neighbors, stand in front of your kitchen windows!


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