On Getting All Gussied Up

On Valentine’s Day this year, I did not have a date.  No, this year, I had dinner at the coffee table with my two-year-old while watching the newest episode of Glee.  [I guess there is no better way to spend the day than with a cute young man.]  And I yucked it up while browsing a dating website.

I realized that I have never actually had a true, honest-to-goodness date on Valentine’s day.  My friend, R, and her husband have been together for four Valentine’s days.  Now, I do not recall if they went out on a date that first Valentine’s, but I do know that every Valentine’s since then, they have gone out.  And my favorite part about that is that they dress up!  At least, I know R does, because we always discuss what dress she wore for that date.  DRESS!!!  I do not think I have ever mentioned this to her, but I am super envious that she has a significant other with whom she goes on dates on which she gets to get all gussied up and wear dresses and do her hair and wear pretty make-up.

Now, I have been on plenty of dates.  Grabbing a bite to eat at Perkins or Applebees, and then catching the 10 o’clock show in jeans and nice sweater kind of dates.  I have never once had a date on which I got to wear a dress, do my hair, and wear really pretty make-up.  I can list on one hand the number of times that I have had the excitement of getting dressed up and wearing a pretty dress, and none of these times do I qualify as a date for various reasons.

1. High School Prom – Junior Year

I looked great in that dress, but had no idea how to pluck my own eyebrows back then. 

In my junior year of high school, I was 16.  I had a boyfriend named Nick.  Nick accompanied me to my junior prom.  We had met through mutual friends of ours who were also dating, my friend Michelle and his friend Jacob.  For our junior prom, Michelle and I double-dated with Nick and Jacob.  Though I dressed up, and at the time we called it a double date, there are many reasons I would not count this as an actual honest-to-goodness date.  First, Nick and Jacob took us out to dinner while we were still wearing jeans and crappy t-shirts to a diner that catered to truck drivers.  Second, Michelle and Jacob fought the whole time.  Third, after prom and the after-prom lock-in were over, we drove around in Nick’s car with Nick and I in the front seat, and Michelle and Jacob in the back making out the entire time.  It was uncomfortable and awkward the entire time.

2. High School Prom – Senior Year

I finally discovered a tweezers, and had a cure date.

Near the end of my senior year of high school, I met a boy named Josh whom I started dating approximately a week or two before prom.  Unfortunately the boy I went to prom with was named Justin.  That’s right; I already had a date for prom, and it was not my new beau.  While overall, I had a really fun time starting with an amazing homemade dinner experience at my best friend’s house with her dad serving as our maitre d’, and ending with an overnight at said best friend’s gossiping over the evening’s events, I spent the whole time at the prom dodging any awkward date-like moments with Justin and studiously avoiding slow dances with him.  Said best friend had the same basic experience with her date, and we rode home together in Justin’s truck to avoid either of us having to fend off any awkward attempts at good-night kisses.  

3. R’s Bachelorette Party


You cannot tell it, but the banner says “Maid of Honor”.

While R’s bachelorette is probably the closest I’ve come to a dress-up date – good food at a nice restaurant, great people and fun conversation/entertainment, and drinks, for obvious reasons, this was not a date.  It was 1) not my night to shine, but rather R’s, and 2) full of beautiful women, but women nonetheless, and I am not into women.

4. R’s Wedding

Photo by: Studiomona Photography

For R’s wedding, I was solo.  I knew one guy that I would have liked to invite – a cute guitar player whom I had had a date [read: we went to the state fair together, ate some food, and both of us wore jeans] the previous weekend.  We definitely did not know each well enough for me to invite him last minute to the wedding in which I was the maid of honor the following weekend.  Too bad, I looked pretty darn nice in that dress.  But still, I had no date, so I cannot count that time, either.

That’s four times in my life when I have dressed up in a really pretty dress, with my hair all did, and my make-up done up, for an actual event.  Not a single one of those times counts as a real date in my book.  Such a shame because I clean up nice, if I do say so myself.

Once in a while, to make sure I am not just fooling myself and to appease my inner desire to dress up, I get all gussied up at home.

I change out of my super comfy sweat/tank top combo…

Grade A comfy clothes right ‘cha!

…to a really cute dress, hair done, and make-up on, at which point, I silently scold all the guys I dated who never took me out on real dates.

You idiots!


4 thoughts on “On Getting All Gussied Up

  1. Savanah, I love reading your blogs! They put a smile on my face and make me giggle. The prom pictures are great memories of fun times together. there is at least one guy out there worthy of taking you on a honest to goodness formal date somewhere. Keep looking girl, im sure your time is coming.

    1. Aw! Thanks! I never get tired of hearing that! 🙂

      Yes, definitely good memories from those year! I didn’t put anyone else’s face up, because I wasn’t sure how everyone would feel about that.

      I am sure you’re right about the guy, too! I’m just waiting patiently-ish. 😀

  2. Let me tell you what you need to do.
    1) Gather a gaggle of your closest girl friends.
    2) Dress up in fantastically outrageous dresses – Goodwill has prom and wedding dresses for as low as $10.
    3) Do hair and makeup together while sipping cheap wine (just not from a box, please.)
    4) Call cab; arrive at cheap fast food restaurant and dine in semi-intoxicated style.
    5) Re-call said cab, and bring your well-fed and still inebriated selves (consider a flask) to a pathetic romantic comedy in theaters, a bowling ally or an arcade.
    6) Proceed to have a fantastic time, while validating the shit out of each other.

    This way, none of you will have to go through the “Are you REALLY going to wear that, honey” battle, or hear the phrase “ARE YOU READY YET?”


    Your blog makes me smile – keep it up!

    All the best,

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