On the [Imaginary] Band I Belong To

Did you know that I am in a band?  True story!  My two best friends and I started a band the night that my friend R first met her husband, in 2008!

Yep, we are all singers in said band, and at least two of us will play guitar.  We have no songs.  We do not have a set list.  We do not have fancy back up singers, nor do we have an agent.  We do not actually know how to play any instruments.

What do we have then?  Well, we have three members:

 Members of our band are required to “grow” facial hair.

We have some photos of us “playing” our only gig:


 We really know what we are doing with those guitars!

We have groupies:

 Sort of.  We sort of have groupies.

We have some wheels for all our “equipment”:

This is not the original van, but I doubt we still have a picture of that one.

Aaaaan we have a band name:

Why yes, yes I did cut and paste that from a Word doc I just created.


If you would ever like to see us in person, please contact our band manager (he is imaginary so good luck getting a hold of him); please buy our album (it, too, is imaginary, so good luck finding it); and lastly, if you would like our autographs, well, we will probably suspect you of trying to steal our identities because we know we are not famous (out identities are not imaginary, but good luck finding anything worth stealing).  Oh, and that is why we grew facial hair – to protect our identities. 😉


5 thoughts on “On the [Imaginary] Band I Belong To

    1. Being famous is exhausting – if we didn’t grow facial hair, people would know what we looked like and be able to spot us in regular life. That would be SO hard to deal with. I don’t want to end up TMZ. Just saying. 😉

      I’m kidding of course! 😛

    1. Yeah, I was trying to figure out how we came up with that! Do you remember? Otherwise, I might just file it under “Stuff We Forgot to Remember When We Were Not Sober” 😉

  1. your “disguises” sort of remind me of mario, luigi and princess peach…but i would like to book your band for my imaginary wedding that also doesn’t exist

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