On Being a Stud Muffin-ess

A few days ago, one of my fellow Facebookers had something quite wonderful to say about her life.

What an amazing moment that must have been!

I am not sure what it is – maybe life IS going exactly the way I want it to go.  Maybe since I have become more self-accepting, I am simply more able to handle the things life throws at me.  Maybe life has decided to stop throwing things at me because of my newly discovered amahzing batting skills.   It doesn’t really matter why; I am loving life these days.  [I am really sorry if anyone is getting sick of hearing about it, but I can’t really help that I feel AWESOME!]


Somehow, and this is irrelevant, but somehow, I think Spose is super cute. Ha!

I mean sure, I have those moments when I feel a little down or I freak out over my self-image.  For instance, I got braces right before Christmas, and I was all, “Who’s going to want to go out with me now?”  Then the logical, confident me stepped in, slapped me upside the head, and said, “Really?  WHO CARES!?  You’re gonna look soooo good once they come off, and in the mean time, if some DOUCHE DUDE doesn’t want to go out with you…well then he’s a stupid douche dude!  Now.  Snap out of it!”  And that moment of self-doubt was gone, just like that.  Because my braces will be coming off in roughly two year’s time, but whatever guy doesn’t want to date me will always be an idiot who missed on awesome.

Not that I would EVER date someone who looks like this, anyway. Seriously.

Or when I wake up in the morning and can’t find an outfit that doesn’t make me feel like a muffin.

There is not a picture for this because the image results on Google for “girl muffin” freaked me out.

I found this:

Stud Muffin!

I subsequently Google-searched female stud muffin and was lead to the the question, “What is the female version of a stud?”  To which there are two answers that I found that I liked: “Studdette” and “Stud Muffin-ess”.

From now on, when I have a “muffin” like morning, I am going to remind myself to be a stud muffin-ess.

Well, I suppose that would make me a cupcake!

 I lost my train of thought long ago.  I apologize.  Point is: I feel really good about myself and my life, and I am enjoying that feeling!  Enjoy and embrace what you have, too!


One thought on “On Being a Stud Muffin-ess

  1. Well said girl! We should all be proud of being female players (I am one myself). I like being called a Playgirl, Maneater, Coquette, etc and now Stud Muffin-ess 🙂
    But I seriously hate those stupid people who call us bitch, slut, easy, etc. Don’t they know that we rule the world? Like seriously, every powerful woman alive is a female player!

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