On Music and Emotions

Music is…

powerful.  emotional.  relate-able.

It effects you.  Gets down under your skin.  Really makes you  feel things.

It is soul.  It is love.  It is hate.  It is sorrow.  It is joy.  It is dance-y.  It is agitation.  It is exciting.  It can be boring.  It can be so many things.

It does all of these things for me.  It means so many different things to and does so many different things for so many people.  And I wanted to share some particular songs that evoke these emotions, feelings, that make me really feel the song in my core.  Coincidentally, these are some of the songs I belt out in the shower, when I am feeling like a rock star, and I think that I, too, could make it to the final round of American Idol or The Voice.

1. “Powerful Stuff”  Sean Hayes.  This one gets me – really makes me say ooooo yeah that’s how love sounds – like when that first moment when you realize “Oh hey!  I LOVE this person! Ooo!  Yeah!”  Listen to it at about 1:40 and that’s the sound this song evokes in me even at the very beginning.

2.  “Mad About You”  Hooverphonic.  It is inexplicable why we fall in love with certain people, and in the end we continually end up questioning why we have the feelings we do, but just can’t stop ourselves.  This is that song for me.  “Can someone tell me if it’s wrong to be so mad about you?”

3.  “Heart Skips a Beat”  Lenka.  Sometimes it is okay to just think with your heart.  Be happy and enjoy it while it lasts.  It can be good for you.

4.  “Sunshine”  Atmosphere.  This song is a story about a guy whose day started off pretty terribly, but as it progressed, he realized what a great day it was out and how he should really enjoy it while it lasts.  It is a happy song to me – sort of a carpe diem song.  “Sunshine, sunshine, it’s fine; I feel it in my skin, warming up my mind; Sometimes you gotta give in to win; I love the days when it shines, whoa let it shine.”  Makes me smile when I hear it.

5.  “Almost Lover”  A Fine Frenzy.  I think we have all had to let go of someone in our lives at some point, lover or no, and it is a hard, hard thing to do.  This song evokes for me that feeling of how hard it is to say goodbye.

6. “Tell Me Something Good”  Rufus and Chaka Khan.  What a sexy song!  And if it doesn’t put a little more swagger into your walk, I don’t know what will.

7.  “Say Shh”  Atmosphere.  This is song about loving where you are from and appreciating where you are at this moment.  I am from Minnesota.  “I couldn’t figure out much to brag about; Prince lives here, we got 10,000 lakes; But wait, the women are beautiful, to me they are; And we’re not infested with pretentious movie stars; And it hit me, Minnesota is dope; If only simply for not what we have but what we don’t.”  and  “This is for everyone around the planet; That wishes they were from somewhere other than where they standin’; Don’t take it for granted, instead take a look; round; Quit complaining and build something on that ground.”

8.  “Be Ok”  Ingrid Michaelson.  We have all suffered something, and this song with its happy beat, but universal message, really helps me out of the dumps if I am down, and really helps me along the way to being okay.

9.  “White Blank Page”  Mumford & Sons.  I love this song first and foremost simply because of the sound of the instruments and the voice of the singer.  However, the more I listened, the more I related to the lyrics.  There is a story I may one day tell that accompanies when I talked about how one year ago I was not as mature as I am today, and the lyrics to this song are part of that story.

10.  “Busy”  Butterfly Boucher.  Well, despite the fact that apparently the only music video on Earth for this song is a weird anime something or other on youtube, I quite enjoy this song.  It says to me, “Stop messing around with ‘Oh I’m ever so terribly busy and simply don’t have enough time to do the fun and great things in life that I want to’ and just ENJOY things.  Take life by the [balls or ovaries, you pick] and really have fun, even if it isn’t what you expected to happen.”

11.  “Love You Madly”  Cake.  The video…has nothing to do with the song.  Whatevs.  I love this song!  When I date someone, I want to convey this message to them – I am not necessarily thinking about forever and ever, but rather, the here and now; however, this isn’t going anywhere, Mister, unless there’s attraction.  I think that is pretty uncomplicated.  “I don’t want to wonder; If this is a blunder; I don’t want to worry whether; We’re gonna stay together; ‘Till we die.  I don’t want to jump in; Unless this music’s thumping.”

12.  “Lemonade”  Chris Rice.  This is a happy, happy song.  It always makes me smile and feel good, simple as that.

13. “On the Rocks”  Grieves.  Sometimes you have really, really crap-tastic days.  This is a song about that kind of a day.  And yet, I love it for its great beat and the sound of Grieves’s voice.  Here‘s another example of that amazing voice and sound.  Oooo, it just gets me.  And for some inexplicable reason, I think he is a total cutie.

14. “Call It Off”  Tegan and Sara.  When I need to remind myself that something was the right thing to do, even if I am left with a bunch of “what-if’s”, I listen to this.  It helps.  Also, Tegan and Sara are one of my all-time favorite groups.  Ever.

15.  “Getting Better All the Time”  The Beatles.  You know all those posts I have made about feeling great about myself, etc.?  This songs goes right along with the message in those.  Things are getting better all the time, most definitely due to a change in my own attitude.

17.  “Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps”  Cake.  This is a cover of a Doris Day song, but this is the version I know of it.  Who doesn’t hate not knowing how someone else feels about you?  One way or the other, you just wish that person would tell you how they feel!  Ergh!  [Disclaimer:  In my opinion, this only applies in situations where you have received truly mixed signals.  If you are simply pining after someone, but know they don’t return those feelings, this doesn’t really apply.  So, don’t show up at their apartment out of the blue demanding answers when you already know what they are.  Yes, this happened.]

And I could go on.  But I won’t.

What songs really make you feel?


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