On Who the Heck Thought Up “Pi Day”?

So apparently a few days ago it was Pi day.  [Pie day?]  People were spelling it both ways.

Of course, one would be “pi = 3.14” day, and one would “pie = pumpkin pie”.  Delicious, delicious pumpkin pie.

Or how about:

 A Pi pie to celebrate Pi (pie?) day!  Tee hee!

 I get it.  It is a play on the symbol Pi.  So every time March 14 it becomes Pi Day.  Who was clever enough to put two and two together and get Pi Day – the celebration!  I have never ever heard of it until I read about it on my Facebook news feed.

Yeah…  People think there is an actual day dedicated to you.  There isn’t. Not for real.

There is, however, a website dedicated to Pi Day, and on this website they have even figured Pi to the millionth digit.  Yeah, these people had a lot of time on their hands, methinks. And holy crud do they REALLY LOVE Pi!

And there were even ecards created for this “event”:


I say, let’s wait three years until 3.14.15 to accurately celebrate Pi Day.  And of course, that only rolls around once a century so 1) we won’t have to hear about it every year, especially since it is made up, and 2) the people over at someecards.com won’t have to try hard to come up with clever Pi Day cards each year.  Because, let’s face it, there isn’t that much to say about it, unless you are trying to figure out the area of a circle (A= pr2).  Don’t be impressed, I googled it, like I do everything else. *Wink.*


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