On Gross Text Messages from an Idiot

I promised you a continuation of the story of the junk picture-taking guy.  Read on!

A few nights ago I received a text message from none other than the “I want to show you a picture of my junk via text message” guy.   It was 12:10 a.m. this past SUNDAY morning.  Great, you went out for St. Patty’s day and got wasted.  That is super original.  [Who am I kidding?  That would have been fun, but it was my weekend with Qbear so I was engaged in far more mundane albeit far more quality activities.]  But, lucky for him, this time he did not interrupt any dreams.  In fact, this time I did not even wake up to the messages, thank goodness!

First message:  “Savanah i’m drunk, did you see my d*%$ the other.day?”

Yes, you are interpreting d*%$ correctly, I assure you.  That is correct ladies and gentlemen, he sent me a picture of aforementioned instrument.  Luckily, I deleted it without seeing it.  I cannot imagine how horrified if I would have been if I had opened that media message!  Bleck!

Second message at 12:27 a.m.:  “Anyways. I kinda wanna f@^$ you. ;/  youd be surprised at how good I am. ;/”

Seriously.  That is disgusting.  Word to the wise boys – this is NOT the appropriate way to get a girl’s attention.  Wait, wait, let me qualify that – this is the correct way to get a girl’s attention, thoroughly disgust her, and make her want to throw up everything she ate that day.  It is not sexy.  It is not  a turn on.  It is not anything except perverted and gross.  DO NOT DO THIS!

Obviously, scathing responses did not work for this guy.  I chose not to respond.  So far, it has worked.  I guess we will see if he can refrain from additional perverted texts.


3 thoughts on “On Gross Text Messages from an Idiot

  1. I hope every single guy out there looking reads this and learns! So true, it’s NOT the way to get to us! Can you block him from your phone?

    1. I am not sure – I will definately look into that though. He’s such a little creeper! Either that or I will start pretending to be a dude and that I changed my number. Haha!

  2. Morning! You have been nominated for the Kreativ Blogger Award! Check out my blog for rules if you wish to accept! Happy Blogging!

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