On Ranting and Non-Real Problems

I rant.  It is a thing that I do.  So allow me to rant to you today:

I get annoyed when people make smiley faces like this  (:  and not like this : ) .  I read left to right not backwards.

I have a bruise on my thigh from when I ran into the corner of my couch.  Ergh!  That hurt all twelve times I have done it this week!

It was too windy in my room last night and the sound of the blinds slapping each other woke me up.

My shoes gave me a blister today at work.  Also, my feet got cold because they were open-toed shoes.

I ran over my own toe with my computer chair today.

My yarn got tangled while I was crocheting.

These are not real problems, are they?

I should probably snap out of my crabby mood and realize I have it kind of easy.  Especially when probably my biggest problem is that they are raising my rent twenty bucks.  That is peanuts in the long haul.

On another note, I HARTO this song:

It’s such a phenomeNOM

Join us for the Nom-a-thon!


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