On Being Creative

Yeah, what up!?  I am creative!

Sorry, I have been stuck in an Ebonics loop with my co-work.  I know, I know.  It is quite radiculus.  But we jus’ can’t help ourselves.  Kna I mean?

Done now, I promise.  Anyway.  I was once again nominated for a blogging award.  I think these are fun because it is super duper exciting to get a nod for writing something!  Thank you to the lovely and ever-inspiring Pauline!  I especially love reading your Daily Thought posts as they help inspire me a bit every day.  🙂

Okay then.  So.  Rules.

First:  Post the picture of the award.  Donzo.

Second:  Thank the nominatOR.  Cuz I am the nominee.  Check mate.

Third:  Seven Rando facts about ma-self.

1.  I apologize.  A lot.  I once got scolded by a guy I was seeing to “Stop saying you’re sorry so much because it’s annoying and you have nothing to be sorry for.”  My response, “I’m sorry!”  I should probably work on that.

2.  I do not really enjoy steak.

Blegh!  Look at all that fatty gross – egh.

Ssssss.  Boo.  Hiss!  Yesh, I hear you, all you red-meat eaters.  [I also do not enjoy putting bacon on everything.]  I bet that means I am un-american.  That is okay with me because….

3.  I am one-quarter Italiana!  I prefer pasta.

4.  I was going to major in the following when I went to college:  Spanish and Political Science.  My ultimate goal/desire was to become a translator for the Court system.  I thought that would be so amazing.

Hablo un pocito Español pero no puedo translador Ingles a Español .

[Sorry if that is incorrect!  (Oh there I go apologizing again!)] 

5.  I am TERRIBLE at small talk.  I can only talk about the weather and how you are doing for so long and then I get bored.  You can only comment on the sun shining for so long.  Or the rain, well, raining.  After a minute or two, I usually sink into an awkward silence waiting for the other person to continue conversation.  I cannot even whistle to fill in the akward silence because…

6.  I do not know how to whistle!  I am 27.  I have never been able to figure it out despite various vigorous attempts over the years.

7.  I listened to the song in the video in my previous post about seven times over and over while writing this.  It is just so darn catchy and such a mood-picker-upper!  Yay for noms!  And for NOMinations.  Do you see what I did there?

Bonus fact:  I like puns!

Last, I once again need to NOMinate [I seriously cannot help myself] seven other bloggers.  Jump in!

1.  Moths to a Flame.  Entertaining dating stories.  Some of which I relate to, most of which I don’t because she seems to be a world traveler.  It’s entertainment for shizzle.

2.  Snotting Black.  Quriky, entertaining, versatile.  Hey, I probably should have nominated her for that other award.  Potatoes, potahtoes.  Enjoy!

3.  Post-It Notes from My Idiot Boss.  Ten-to-one, if you put some of the managers from The Retail Store in an office setting, they would write radiculus post-it notes such as these.  Hilarity would ensue.

4.  diaryofahitman.  Generally entertaining writing.  I like it, so you will, too!

5.  tales of a charm city chick.  Fun and entertaining.  Join her as she writes about such things as what not to do on a date, and how WebMD’s answer to everything are incurable diseases.

6.  nailsbails.  He has his own drawn pictures.  What’s more creative than that?!

and 7.  Inkjot.  I do not have the talent to come up with my own drawings AND jokes to go with them.  Read for more zings and other funnies.

And that is it.  Why do all these awards make you do things in seven’s?  Is it because that is supposed to be a lucky number?


2 thoughts on “On Being Creative

  1. Hehe, our American friends tease me all the time about how many times us Canadians say “sorry” and it’s made me stop and hear it myself. I say it all the time 🙂

    I love steak 🙂

    Yes I get very uncomfortable with small talk, and then sometimes it makes you starting talking about “stupid” stuff and then you feel like a fool. Oh well, such is life!

    1. In “How I Met Your Mother”, that’s one of the things that Robin misses about her fellow-Canadians! Maybe I’m partial-Canadian and never knew?

      You can have all my steak!

      Small talk = boooo! Haha!

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