On Some Things I Learned Today

People hear what they want to hear no matter how many times you tell them what they NEED to hear.  If they do not like what they are hearing, they will interrupt you and incorrectly interpret your message.  Usually this is done is such a way as to paint themselves as the “good guy” and everyone else as the bad guy.

People who think they are funny EXPECT you to laugh at all of their jokes.  It really does not matter if you would rather stab your own than laugh at the “joke” they just told, if you do not laugh, you are a total A-hole.

My orthodontist enjoys carrying on conversations with me while his hands are in my mouth.  He and his assistants especially love asking me questions.  “So are you from Mankato?”  “Rrrhrr.  Ifra a sma ta ca fu-uh.”  “Oh really?  What made you want to live in Mankato?”  “Wuh, I uhed uh oh oo eh es uh ut I eh’en”  “Well, that’s too bad.” “Uh huh.”

I am more likely to get to work on time when I am running late.  Whereas, if I get up a half hour early, I somehow eat up all of that extra time magically, and arrive at five or ten after.  [WHAT is wrong with me?!]

Yesterday one of my co-workers showed us how to make a bump in your hair when it is down, and I can do that on my own with the right brush!  I also learned that this looks does not look that great on me, so I probably wasted five dollars on a brush I will not use more than twice.

I need to work on my hashbrown cooking skills so I can have breakfast for dinner more often.  Also, portion control means nothing when one is having breakfast for dinner.


7 thoughts on “On Some Things I Learned Today

  1. I LOVE breakfast for breakfast, lunch and dinner! It should be the main meal, except for the occasional seafood and steak dinner 🙂 And I agree, no matter how much “extra” time I have, I’m always running late! Go figure!

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