On My Crap-tastic Internet Service [A Letter]

Dear Charter Internet Service:
When I called you today to make my payment of my bill, you had an electronic woman tell me that Charter was ranked the top as having the fastest internet.  Really?  I will believe that when I start having instantaneous results.  Upon opening my webpage, I do not want to have to wait two to four minutes for my page to load and then have it repeatedly tell me that it, in fact, cannot load the page, and would I like to try reloading the page?  I have been through this process everyday for almost every site for the past week.  It is super aggravating, and quite frankly, it pisses me off.

I paid my bill today, which was fine, but for some reason you charge $1.99 for me to speak with a real person to pay said bill whereas if it were automated, it would be free.  I am confused by this simply because the people who answer the phones are probably only making a wage of $2.00 per hour.  I am quite sure that you are raking in the profits; do you really need to tack on more ridiculous, random fees than you already do?  Probably not.

Probably the only pleasant part of my Charter experience was the customer service rep, which is unusual because usually women answer, and they are usually really angry with the world and take it out on me.  I hate speaking to women customer service reps because they are rude, and they take everything as a personal affront.  Most women that I have spoken to in a situation like this are ill-quipped to work in customer service.  As the saying goes, if you can’t take the heat, get out of the fire [or frying pan – pick your preferred noun].  Anyways, I spoke with a guy named Diego.  He seemed cool-ish.  He ran my card over the phone, and while waiting he chatted with me about my weekend plans and joked with me that I was high maintenance.  Of course, he told me he was kidding.  He also kept re-confirming my phone number and e-mail.  If I later get a call or e-mail from him, I will be super freaked out and no longer pleased with the service he provided me over the phone as I will know that it is a scam and probably my bank account is going to be depleted shortly, from something other than bills.  Crap.

Overall, Charter, I just wanted to say that while you try to seem really cool and up-to-date and all about your customers in your tv commercials, you are not.  I pretty much cannot stand you, but I heard that Hickory Tech is an even worse choice, so you win.  I pick the lesser of two evils, which still sucks, but I will deal with it.  Just remember, that if I did not have the blog, I probably would cancel my internet service.  So there.


Your reluctantly loyal-ish customer.


2 thoughts on “On My Crap-tastic Internet Service [A Letter]

  1. 2 to 4 minutes for a web page sounds like an issue that is beyond your internet connection… you should probably check your device for viruses… try Microsoft security essentials for that. And then, if you are using a wireless router and don’t have it secured, your neighbors could be ‘borrowing’ internet access, which could be slowing things down.

    And finally, if you are using internet explorer, upgrade to firefox or chrome.

    1. Hmmm…I will have to try the first one, though I think I have recently done that? Maybe not – I need to befriend a computer geek. Haha!

      Wireless network is password-protected, and I do use Chrome so it isn’t those two things.

      I still would like to blame Charter, though, simply because no other programs run slow or has issues loading, etc. But who knows?!

      Thanks for the info! 🙂

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