On Horse vs. Wolf: Who Wins?

A co-worker of mine was telling us about a fight that her young daughter and her daughter’s friend are currently in the middle of.  This started because my co-worker’s daughter and friend have decided that the daughter is part wolf.  This somehow escalated into a fight over which animal is better: a horse or a wolf?  So, I decided to see if I could help.

Owning a Horse:  Horses can apparently basically make you a better person over-all by making you more reliable, trustworthy, honest, etc.  They can also provide a form of therapy for a persons who working with them and teach about teamwork.  They can help keep kids out of trouble and help keep you fit.  There are also many more benefits [which I am sorry, but I am too lazy too type out].

The cons of owning a horse, according to my brief glimpses of these websites are few – cost, time, and hard work, all of which appear to be outweighed by the benefits.

Owning a Wolf:  Well, folks, it doesn’t look good.  I couldn’t find any front page google results for “owning a wolf” except how owning a wolf hybrid usually ends badly.  Sales of wolf hybrids have been banned in ten states, people have to display signs proclaiming ownership of said hybrid, and sterilization of current hybrids is even favored.

According to one fable, horses are more clever than wolves in any realm where they can speak.

Personally, I think wolves are more kick-@ss, but I do not have a scientific or fact-based opinion on this.

Also, when carved into a pumpkin, I think the wolf wins.

In the end, it seems that horses are better for ownership.  But wolves make better pumpkin carvings are better hunters.  But I do not think I really answered or settled the fight for my co-worker’s daughter and her friend.  So, maybe this video will help out:

Now can’t we all just get along?


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