On Some Things I Like to Do Sometimes

I was perusing Pinterest and I came across a funny image based on a Google search.  The searcher had began typing “sometimes I like to d” and Google, with its magical, knows-the-end-of-all-phrases mechanism, filled in the rest with:

“sometimes i like to dig a hole in my back yard stand in the hole and pretend i’m a carrot”

Not sure why, folks, but I seriously chuckled for about a minute straight.  [What is wrong with me!?]

So that being said, sometimes I like to:

“sometimes I like to hang glide on a dorito” 

“sometimes I like to think of jesus as a mischievous badger”

“sometimes I like to eat soap” and “sometimes I like to eat apples”

“sometimes I like to steal other people’s scabs”

Not to be outdone, sometimes he [I do not know who ‘he’ is, but that is beside the point] would do things, too:

“sometimes he would accuse chestnuts of being lazy”

Together, ‘he’ and I lead an exciting life full of adventure and weird behaviors and habits.


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