On a Question I Pose to My International Readers

I was reading yon Mr. Colon today, and it struck me, once again, that I love having international readers.  I feel so wordly and sophisticated. [Imagine I am speaking with a British accent there please.  But in case you are unable to imagine, please see Ms. Jess’s video in her post about her brother Oliver’s cooking for how I would like you to imagine me to sound with a British accent. :)]

So hey-o international readers!  And of course, my United-States-ian readers.  [I am making that a word because after all, there is more than just the United States in the America’s, right?]

Look at that!  That is AWESOME!

So, international readers, I can assure you in advance that this is a stupid question, but I hey, I honestly do not know.

How do your keyboards look on your computer?  You see, I know that you have other characters such as “£” and “¥”, and seriously, it was a pain the butt to go insert those into a Word doc in order to copy and paste them over her on this post.  Whereas, for “$”, it is just shift + 4 = $.  Do you have a pound key on your keyboard?

Or how about, how do you type the characters that have the diaeresis?  

Usually placed on a vowel.

This seems..complicated – though I bet it is not for those who actually use foreign language [is that the term?] keyboards.  Any input would be welcome – hell, a picture would be even more cool!


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