On Teaching My Child

It is my job as my son’s first teacher to teach him right and wrong, left from right, up from down, backwards from forwards, and of course, his numbers and ABC’s.  What I WILL NOT be teaching him?  That being gay is wrong.  That any certain race is better than any other.  That it is okay to hate people.  (Except for bad drivers; it is completely okay to hate them.)

What brought this up, you ask?  Maybe you didn’t ask, but I will still answer for you.  A recent conversation with my Q-bear.  He will be turning three in the beginning of July, so he has a tender mind still – easily influenced and soaking up all I can teach him like a sponge.  The conversation started off quite unrelated to the topic at hand, actually.

Q:  Mommy!  Look at the red boat!

Me:  Yeees.  I see the red boat.

Q:  Mommy!  You see the red boat?  Yeah!  Mommy!  Look at the yellow car!

Me:  Woooow!  Look at the yellow car!

Q:  What color is this car, Mommy?

Me:  Blue.  That’s a cool car!

Q:  Yeah!  What color is Q, Mommy?

Me: [Thinking, this is an excellent learning opportunity, let’s see where this goes.]  I don’t know; what color are you?

Q:  I yellow.

Me:  What color is Mommy?

Q:  Yoooou purple.

Me:  Wow!  What color is Daddy?

Q:  Daddy iiiiiis BLACK!

Me:  Coool!  What color is Grandma and Grandpa and Cameron[ his uncle]?

Q:  Grandma is red.  Grandpa is brown.  Cameron is green.

See?  Kids do not care what COLOR people are.  Not really.  Skin color is not a concept that my son is even aware of.  Children only learn what WE teach them.  They are born without opinions.  Without knowing stereotypes or even how to say the word itself.  Without hatred.  (And they certainly do not know swear words, yet.)  WE teach them these things, as parents, as family, as a society.  They see it, they hear it often enough and it becomes knowledge for them.  They are so young, of course, that they take it as fact what they are taught.  Now, I am not trying to stand up on my soapbox here, but COME ON.  No one learns to hate large of groups of select people all on their own.  It is my goal to keep my child’s mind open, let him form his own opinions, and hopefully make choices that are morally sound.

I suppose that I have my own viewpoint on morally sound which may oppose others’ viewpoints but let me sum it up for you:  It is just fine to be homosexual – it is none of anyone else’s business anyways;  it is just fine to have interracial relationships –  it is none of anyone else’s business anyways;  it is just fine to be hesitant about religion – you will choose your own path and I will accept what you choose;  It is just fine to question others’ opinions, but don’t force your opinion on them – no one likes that.  It’s just annoying;  and ultimately – just be who you are and I will always love you no matter what.  That is what I plan on teaching my child.


2 thoughts on “On Teaching My Child

  1. Woo hoo, you go girl! 🙂 And I love what my kids teach me as well! The school of Life, where we all learn from each other.

    1. Oh yes – you are absolutely right! My kid teaches me all sorts of things. Case in point – that they indeed could care less about skin color or race, etc… I never would have thought of or realized that if it weren’t for that conversation. Sign me up for more classes, because I really enjoy the School of Life! 😀

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