On My New Smart Phone

“pick it out I updated my status dane
Wow! Good job microphone on my keyboard – that’s not what I said at all. and who the heck is damon r j maxx holy crap you really really suck microphone

and do you even know what punctuation is?”

That was supposed to say, “Check it out!  I updated my status!”  Not sure where “dane” came from.  And then it went COMPLETELY cray!  With “who the heck is damon r j maxx holy crap you really really suck microphone”!  I…..I do not know what to say, except that I obviously cannot employ the use of the microphone feature on my new, fancy smart phone.  Soooo, that is super cool.

I do really like the fact that I can go on the internet and stream Pandora on my phone, not to mention the e-reader that is on there, and the games I can play.  Okay, it is pretty fun, even thought it took me two years to catch up with everyone else my age, technologically speaking.

I guess I do not really know why I was so resistant?  Maybe it is because I know that I am already way too inclined to waste hours on end on the internet, endlessly cycling through the same four websites with no end to cycle in sight, even when I have upped the cycle-through time to 3 seconds for completion.  I have better things to be doing – like crocheting the rest of my son’s blanket, or finishing the autobiography of the Dalai Lama, or doing my dishes, or oooooh look!  I just played a word worth 34 point in Words with Friends, and I received a new email in my yahoo! account, and there are new posts to read on WordPress!  Oh phone, who are we kidding?!  I heart you!  I should name you.  Just kidding, I was too lazy to name my cat anything other than Cat, so I won’t go that far.


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