On My Excuse for Not Writing Much This Week

I have completely run out of ideas this week for writing.  It cannot be that I have run out of topics.  Can it?!  I mean, I should have 27 YEARS of stories to tell, right?!  Not this week.  This week I have exhaustion.  Complete, utter exhaustion.  A lot of things have happened this week, but at least they are not all exhausting.

For one, my poor little Q-bear has been having asthmatic attacks, and I have had to be up with him at night doing nebulizer treatments, and seriously, that is so difficult!  I have had roughly six hours of sleep each night, with no catch up.  Ugh.

For two, I am pretty sure I will never have a quiet day at work ever again.  Which is completely fine, but I sure would like to catch up and surpass the projects that are given to me so for just one hour, I could complain about being bored.  Ha!  But on another note, at least I have a job that I like!

For three, a cute guy from the not too distant past got back in touch with me.  I mean, it may not mean anything, but who cares?!  It is really fun just talking to him again.  I have always had that little “what if” floating around in the back of my head.  Like, what if we had kept in touch?  Or, what if I do not win this game of Words with Friends?!  Ha.  Well, either way, it is fun just talking to him.

What else… hm, well other than writer’s block, there are not many other things I want to write about, I guess.  But I promise I will get my groove back shortly!


*UPDATE*  I am quite sure that I jumped the gun and getting excited about number three, but Words was fun, while it lasted.  😉


2 thoughts on “On My Excuse for Not Writing Much This Week

  1. Awe, I hope Q-Bear feels better soon! That is too bad 😦 A man from the past? How exciting, that may provide some interesting topics for writing 🙂 *wink* I’ve been busy with company so not much time myself, if it wasn’t for my Daily Thoughts, I think I would be aol as well.

    1. Thanks, we got some meds for him so he should be back to his bouncy self soon enough.

      Yeah, he’s a cutie, that man from the past! And we parted ways quite amicably so he’s clear for another chance. 😉

      I really should steal that idea! Haha! I do love your daily thoughts! 🙂

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