On My Heartfelt Gratitude

When I jumped headfirst into the blogosphere, I figured on a few loyal readers in my family and some close friends.  I had no idea.  I may not be Freshly Pressed, but I am not really aiming for that.  What I am grateful for is that people read what I write, at all.  I try to write something that makes an impact, whether its funny or heartfelt or just something to which someone can say, “Oh I hate when that happens, too!” Something people can identify with.  I hear postive feedback quite often, and that is amazing!  In fact, I have only heard two actively negative comments, and I moderated those suckers right out, as they weren’t constructive criticism.

First, some creeper showed up and spammed all my posts by talking about his supposedly giant “man parts”.  When you have to brag, I will never believe that your man parts are large, and I never want to purposely convey false information to my readers.  😉   Second, when I said I disliked brown M&M’s and that my favorite color is black, I was accused of being racist by someone, anonymously of course.  I did not respond then, but what I would have said is as follows:

“First of all black is not a color and brown m&m’s are just as edible. [I know that. Brown M&M’s are simply BORING! I still eat them, silly!]  I once took a 100 level pysch class and i think you are subconsciously racist.  [I highly doubt that I am racist, as my past relationships read like an United Colors of Benetton ad.  And I, too, took psych 100; you do not learn to classify racism.  I still have my book, would you like to borrow it?]  Insofar as not being able to mentally handle eating brown m&m’s. Do they remind you remind you of blacks, mexicans, cubans, and canandiens (canadiens aren’t really ppl though)?  [Again, brown M&M’s do not, in fact, remind me of any race of people.  What does it say about YOU that YOU drew that conclusion?  Oh and, way to spell Canadian correctly.  I also think my CANADIAN readers might have something to say about you classifying them as non-people.] “*

*they are italics [I am bolded]

I have a steady following of Facebook friends, as well as a small set of those from the WordPress Blogosphere.  Wordpress has made me a bit of a statistics junkie by allowing me to follow how many views I have received in day, and the overall total views, as well as from where in the world my viewers hail.  And since I reached all-time high number of views in one day today, I wanted to share my excitement!  106 VIEWS IN ONE DAY AND 2,560 OVERALL!!!!!  WOW!!!!

That is pretty darn exciting!

And really everyone,  THANK YOU!!!


One thought on “On My Heartfelt Gratitude

  1. What a delightful post my dear! 🙂 I laughed out loud at the M&M thing! I favour the blue ones. Do you think that makes me racist too? 😉

    Keep up the great work! 😀

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