On the Reasons I De-Friend People [at least on Facebook]

Once in a while, I cull my list of Facebook friends.  I have 215 Facebook friends currently, and I don’t even talk to one-fourth of them.  I don’t even see one-fifth of their posts, comments, or what-have-you.  I am not about to go and delete the remaing 150 or so people to whom I do not speak, but I probably could, and neither I nor those people would notice.  But really, I delete people for three main reasons:

1) I am no longer friends with that person in real life, and I do not want that person to be creeping on my Facebook page seeing what I am up to, or whatnot.


2) I am tired of seeing that person’s super self-destructive tendencies pasted all over my Facebook new feeds exclaiming over the latest mess he/she has managed to get his/herself into or wondering why everyone hates him/her or just being a general annoying mess.  I do not need to see that on a daily basis.


3)  We are no longer friends in real life, and I need to prevent MYSELF from Facebook stalking that person.

It is usually the last reason.  [Also why I delete phone numbers from my phone.  Apparently, I have a self-control problem.  I am working on that.  Heh.]


7 thoughts on “On the Reasons I De-Friend People [at least on Facebook]

  1. I so agree! I cull my lists all the time! I mean, if you are not a real friend, why do I want you to have access to my life? Good for you!!!

    1. Indeed. I have many people that I could probably take off, now, but since neither of us is bothering the other, I am just too lazy to take care of it. Haha. But I definately don’t want the people with whom I am no longer friends, or even acquaintences, to have access to my life. Exactly. Thanks! 🙂

  2. This has motivated me to do a Facebook clean sweep. I have too many folks on there that I have zero interest in knowing what is happening in my life. Thanks for the motivation!

  3. I can understand that – I cull my mobile phone in that way. But Facebook – to me it’s a way to share stuff with ‘the world’ not just my friends, so the more the merrier. I don’t put anything up there I wouldn’t want everyone to see (like, where I live, for instance, and my real name).

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