On Things that Confuse Me [No. 1]

Today, I am perplexed.  I am stuck in a state of confusion.  Some things, it seems,  I just don’t understand, and never will.

Like, in this day and age, people constantly take photos of themselves in bathroom mirrors:

I guess if Abe Lincoln does it….

It seems I am not the only who is annoyed by it, see  here and here, for starters.

 Seriously, people, there are some super cheap digital cameras out there!  There is no need to be taking bathroom pics like this:

Yes, fail for sure.  *shudders in disgust*


Put some pants on you d-bag.  Ps: nice chest patch, did you grow that all by yourself?

 I. don’t. get. it.  Even if you can’t afford a new digital camera – remember how they are really, really cheap these days?!  You somehow afforded a new smart phone.  Right?!  [Except pants-less dude; check out that dinosaur of a phone!]  I am willing to bet that your new fancy phone has a self timer.  Find somewhere to prop your phone up, set the timer, and snap away!  My phone even has a camera near the display so I can take a picture of myself without the aid of my bathroom mirror, like that picture from Iowa with the photo bomber.

I am begging you all!  Stop taking crappy pictures, or rather, try to take less crappy pictures that do not show you in your bathroom mirror!  Try any other pose, at all!


Look everyone, if I can take self-absorbed cool-ish photos of myself, while holding my camera, you can, too!


6 thoughts on “On Things that Confuse Me [No. 1]

    1. Oh for sure! That is such a disturbing photo, isn’t it?! You should have seen the one I found that I didn’t post!

      I, too, prefer to refrain from taking pictures in a nasty bathroom.

  1. Ha, I hate that too. The one of the guy–wow, what a douche who loves the hell out of himself. I bet he has never made someone feel inferior.

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