On My Fitness Goal for 2012

I started a new exercise routine today.  It’s not that I feel I need to lose weight.  I am quite comfortable with my 5’3″, 130 pound frame.  However, I am well aware that I am not in the best shape I could be.  I could definitely use some toning.  Some serious toning.  I could also use some work on the “baby pouch” that never quite seems to go away no matter how much weight I have lost.  Those of you who are a mom probably know just what I mean, I would think.

The  problem is that I only have two days out of the week that I can get out of the house to go work on this.  That would be fine, except I know myself well enough to know that I will work on something for those two days, feel great, and then when my son comes home, I will lose any sense of routine that had tentatively formed in those two days.  So, I need something I can do at home, after my kid goes to bed, that won’t end up with me waking my neighbors, i.e. no running in place inside, no crazy dance-move routines.  Something seemingly simple.

In other words, I can’t have a rave in my living room.

 Now, I am not sure what motivated me to finally start an exercise routine.  I mean, I have been kicking the idea around for a while, but thus far have been unable to motivate myself into doing something about it.  It seems today was the day.  Perhaps it was the not-so-great day I had, perhaps my kick of buying mostly fresh foods and/or healthy snacks on my recent trip to the grocery store, perhaps I finally got annoyed with my own lame excuses.

Is that even a valid excuse?  ,’:|

Well, whatever the reason, I got up and did it today.  I found a simple routine that I can do in about thirty minutes.  Yes, I found it on Pinterest, but really, at least I found something!  It consists of:

  1. 20 Squats – Easy enough start.
  2. 30 Lunges – My apartment is small, so I lunged in a lap around my living room.
  3. 40 Toe Touches – I was amazed, and a bit proud, that I could touch my toes at all!
  4. 50 Second Wall Sit – I didn’t really know what this is, so I just squatted for 50 seconds, as though I were sitting in an invisible chair.
  5. 100 Jumping Jacks – I haven’t done a jumping jack in probably ten years.  Boy, did THAT take me back to high school gym class!
  6.  50 Second Wall Sit – Much harder the second time around!
  7. 40 Toe Touches – I still handled these like a pro!
  8. 30 Lunges – Meh. Same level off pretty easy as last time.  Maybe I’m not doing them right.  Whatever, I’m still doing them.
  9. 20 Squats – Oh boy!  Much harder this time around!

After I was finished with this routine, which is meant to be a leg-toning routine mainly, but the jumping jacks definitely got my heart rate up a bit, I decided I also needed to throw something in to target my abs.  Problem right there.  I hate sit-ups.  Anyone who says they enjoy them is a liar!  They aren’t fun, they are a struggle, they are HARD, they make you feel a bit like a failure because you barely have the strength to lift your torso off the ground.  Well, that may be just me. I remember that I once did a quick workout routine with my friend R, and that routine included reverse crunches.  I really liked them, felt the helped me work my abs without the strain on my back, and feel like it’s something I can easily add to my new routine.

So much easier than regular sit-ups and still works your abs!

 From the linked website in the picture descriptor:

  1. Lie on your back and extend your arms out to the side, or keep your hands behind your head if that’s more comfortable (top illustration).
  2. Raise your knees and feet so they create a 90-degree angle. Contract your abdominals and exhale as you lift your hips off the floor with control; your knees will move toward your head (bottom illustration). Try to keep your knees at a right angle. Inhale and slowly lower.

Easy as pie, easy to add.  So I just added 15 reps of that to the beginning and ends of my routine, and voila!  NEW WORKOUT ROUTINE!

Here’s my plan,  folks:

  1. Do exercise routine every single evening.  I may add my 2 lb.weights for a bit of arm toning.  (Yep, I’m strong!)
  2. Add walking/jogging 2 mile route in my neighborhood on days I don’t have Q-bear, i.e. 2 nights a week.
  3.  Increase reps of each thing in the evening exercise routine.
  4. In three months, jog the entire 2 mile route with no walking breaks.
  5. In six months, be able to jog a 5k (3.1 miles) with no walking breaks.  

I really want to throw in a 10k (6.2 miles) in the mix, but I am trying to be realistic.  I guess I will just have to reassess in six months!  Maybe I should add buy a jogging stroller so I can jog when Q-bear is home, too…

Anyway, there you have it – my new fitness goals!  Yikes! 



6 thoughts on “On My Fitness Goal for 2012

  1. Instead of jogging, might I recommend a bike? When I started working out a few months ago, I started hiking. It helped, but progress was slow. Then I got a bike. After two weeks of riding, I was able to jog up hills that normally left me winded when walking. It is also faster. I only ride 10-15 minutes a day and it is one heck of a workout.

    1. A bike would be awesome! I really want to get one; based on your experience, it seems like it would be a great help to getting more fit. Thanks for the suggestion! 🙂

      1. I recommend investing in a decent comfort bike. The less expensive bikes you find in department stores are harder to repair and many of them only come in 1 speed. You want a bike with multiple speeds. That way you can gear way down and work on cardio or gear way up and give your thighs some serious resistance training.

  2. Good luck to you. I have tried for months to get myself back on some sort of routine for working out. I have been trying to workout before I go to work. Ive read that it is the best time to work out for many reasons. But I am a night owl. I wish you all the best of luck. Don’t burn yourself out though. That’s a very busy routine.

    1. Thanks! Honestly, it takes less than a half hour and really works the legs and the jumping jacks get my heart rate up. I am a night owl, too. No way could I EVER work out in the morning before work! Bleh! It’s hard enough getting up as it is, much less getting up to exercise. I would encourage you to try this routine, even cut out parts to make it shorter, if that works for you. It’s not too bad really, promise! 🙂

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