On How I Have an Impromptu Date Tomorrow

Hey internet world.  I can stop bemoaning my dating life, or lack thereof, now.  I have a date tomorrow!  Date-ish?  It’s a first meet.  I call it a date.  He said it’s “like a date”.  It’s a freakin’ date.

We are going to a concert!  I am excited because it is to an artist named Childish Gambino.

Never heard of him?

Surprise!  It’s Donald Glover!  Er. Well, it’s not a surprise anymore, since you probably saw his face before this line.  

So internets, the concert is at Epic in Minneapolis.  And if I disappear, R has all the necessary information to track the dude down.  🙂  [I tried to Facebook stalk my date, but he has a pretty common name.  Don’t worry, unless both his name and his picture are fake, police can track him] <– Oh MY!  Who’s suspicious much?!  Me.  That’s me.

But honestly, I am psyched.


18 thoughts on “On How I Have an Impromptu Date Tomorrow

    1. Hi Pauline! Your daily posts are keeping me upbeat! 🙂

      Date hasn’t happened yet, that’s tonight. I wull give a full report tomorrow. 😉 I’m excited!!

      1. Now I’m curious… did you change your profile from the stuff you didn’t want to the stuff you were looking for in a guy first?

      2. 1) I did change my profile to say that, and that hasn’t seemed to work thus far, except that even more of the same types are messaging me. Go figure!
        2) I met this guy on some mobile app called Skout because I figured, why not download and see if my luck will be any different on a different site. Apparently, it was! Two days into using it, I had a date! 🙂

      3. The question is… how did it go?!

        (I’m guessing that since you said ‘gentleman’ rather than ‘jerk’ it went fairly well, no?)

      4. Now you’ve said Minneapolis and some earlier post mentioned ‘kato. My first 28 years were just east of the ‘Cities. Eventually, I’m gonna whine at you what I miss being a thousand miles away from there…

      5. Yup! I dunno how familiar you are with St. Paul’s eastern burbs… the Perkins in Vadnais Heights, near Maplewood. =)

      6. Someday I will drive by it, I will snap a picture, and then I’ll write about how cool it was that I “walked” where a fellow blogger was! I don’t know what, but that seems like it would be fun.

      7. You can do that if you get to Mystic Lake, Valleyfair, MoA, Treasure Island, MSU. I’ve got stories about most of ’em. 😉

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