On How My Laziness is Prevalent

A while ago, I wrote a fun, short post meant purely to be humorous.  Here.  Because what’s a few more hits on what I believe is my most “popular” post.  This post contained picture, drawn by ME, which were humorous imaginations of Google search terms.

I should have known.  Posting about Google search terms which are [I guess?] popular search terms was going to result in skewed stats.  The only reason that post is popular is BECAUSE of those search terms.  Ugh.  Sometimes I am annoyed by that, but other times, I use it to coast along in oblivious admiration of how popular my blog is.  I just kick back for days on end thinking, “Aaaaaaah – I’m so popular!”  Seriously – I have over 100 hits everyday.  I imagine it’s countless WordPress users stumbling upon my blog and realizing what a genius I am, but let’s face facts: I’m  lazy, and that one post is probably keeping those stat bars raised.  Like the roof.  [See what I did there?  It was a joke.  Like raising the roof ;)]

Some other search terms that seem to support my stats?

“peas”     “supernovas”     “rocks”     “brillo pad”

Some obscure search terms that I am curious to understand how that led to MY particular blog?

“wrapped up urinals”  Have I ever talked about urinals?  I know I’ve talked about bathrooms, but urinals?

“gym bathrooms” Again, GYM bathrooms?  Is it because in one post I mentioned the gym in passing and in another I hate on stupid bathroom photos?

“reverse crunch black and white”  I get this one sort of.  I mean – I mentioned reverse crunches.  I wasn’t aware they could be black or white.  This isn’t a Michael Jackson song

“order fulfillment”  What?

The moral of the story, folks, is that if you make a funny post using popular Google search terms, they will carry your blog to “fame”.  Oh, and also that I’m lazy.  😀

[Please keep reading though because I like to feel awesome. ;)]


5 thoughts on “On How My Laziness is Prevalent

  1. And now, because you’ve added those terms to this post, you’re gonna get more traffic from Google search for them. 😉

      1. It’s really interesting to me. I’m writing something related about it at this very moment. Maybe a half hour, it’ll be posted.

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