On How the Vacation Gods Can Go Suck It

I was supposed to be on an amazing mini-vacation this week.  I took three days off from work.  It was supposed to be five nights away from home NOT worrying about my kid, about anything but having a good time.

That. Did.  Not.  Happen.

First, my five night trip got shortened to three thanks to my ex being a d-bag and not communicating like I asked him.  Next, torrential rains in Canada prevented travelling.  Then, relative in hospital – not mine, thank goodness, but still, sucky.

Now, I salvaged the weekend part by going to visit my cousin in Morris, MN, whom I haven’t seen in about ten years.  It was awesome to catch up and get to know each other, and I would daresay I have a friend as well as relative, so that is great.  🙂

Then, back in K-town, it all fell to shit again.  Monday Q and I were going to go to the pool and spend a lovely sunny day swimming and splashing.  JUST KIDDING!, said the weather.  It was windy and kinda crappy.  Sure, we played outside for part of the day, but that only resulted what I suspect was a bit of a cold that seriously aggravated his asthma “reactive airway disease”, because [enter deity to ‘take in vain’ here] forbid we label children too early with something that can actually be relatively-easily diagnosed, and is by no means over-diagnosed or medicated.  [I’m poking fingers at you: all doctors who throw ADD and ADHD out as a blanket for hyperactive children.]  Anyway, after a night of waking up, literally, every two hours to use the nebulizer, we finally get in to see the doctor around 3-ish.  She proceeds to scold me for giving him too much albuterol, even though that’s how much he’d get in the hospital anyway, and for not bringing him in to the doctor.  Except I BROUGHT HIM IN TO THE DOCTOR!!! UUUUGGGHHH!

I kind of just want to go back tomorrow, except that I ALSO have to prep my apartment for some dudes to come in and replace windows sometime in the next week OR SO, but I don’t know when exactly.  Because [and again, enter deity to ‘take in vain’ here] forbid they give us some sort of timeline.  As if I am going to move EVERYTHING in my apartment away from all the windows and leave it that way for an unknown period of time that could last up to two weeks, just to wait for them to get around to replacing my windows that don’t even have anything wrong with them.  Ugh.

Dear Vacation Gods,

You’re a bunch of ass hats.  You suck.  You are terrible.  If I had I had any hope that this “vacation” could be salvaged, it’s over now since I go back to work Thursday morning.

You sicken me.  I am disgusted.


8 thoughts on “On How the Vacation Gods Can Go Suck It

  1. Yeah, I know what you mean. I had this awesome weekend planned with my wife a few weeks back. Then, on Thursday, BAM! Hello heel spur induced tendonitis. For over a week, when I wasn’t hobbling around on one foot at work, I was stuck on the couch thinking about how much I wished I didn’t take that vicodin because the Captain probably would have done a better job with the pain. Now my wife is working weekends for the next couple of weeks and I don’t even know when we can go on this trip.

  2. There is a bright side though: lessons learned about pitfalls that might happen.

    It doesn’t help, I know, but I’m trying to be positive and Zen-like right now. 😉

  3. You should have come to my part of Canada, no rain! I had up to 16 people staying at my cottage! No problem adding one more 🙂 Hope your week got better!!

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