On How a Good Time was Had by All

This past weekend was my ten year high school reunion.  That’s a long time.  Ten years.

So we had our high school reunion.  It was…okay.  My kid really enjoyed the lake part.  I enjoyed talking to the people I chatted with.

A really fun part of my weekend – oddly – was at some random party [not as random as I thought, since the guy’s whose house it was work WITH MY DAD!!] in a house by the lake.

Now, in high school, I toed the line maybe once or twice, but I never got into any serious trouble nor did I engage in any “bad” behavior.  Of course,  I can’t say the same about Mankato, but I have been 21+ for almost all of the fun times I’ve had, even if I don’t remember some of them.  I’ve only been to one, maybe two, house parties in my life.  Most people who meet me now never would have imagined that I was not as generally awesome as I am now.  😉  So, to go to a house party at whim, and subsequently have an overall blast in my home town, caught me completely off guard.  But it was fun!  And impromptu.

Those who converse with me, or read this blog know that in the past couple of months I have had plans that have been completely impromptu – specifically this time and last weekend when I was supposed to have a vacation and then an alteration of plans.  I had planned to go to the reunion, planned my vacation last week.  I did not plan to visit my cousin or go to some rando party.  How does that saying go?

“The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry.” – Of Mice and Men

Sounds about right.

Or in my own words: the best plans are those made spur of the moment.

Of course, lately these fantastic times have included my cousin; so maybe it’s just his awesomeness exuding itself.


2 thoughts on “On How a Good Time was Had by All

  1. Well I’m glad you had fun. I wanted to go to my 10yr reunion, but the person planning it decided to have it at a country club where it cost $50 per person to get in and they didn’t even really feed you or anything. I was so pissed off.

    1. Oh goodness – well we didn’t have to pay for anything, but I thought part of the reunion was the class funds paying for it. Then again, I also didn’t think 10 year class reunions should be held at a lake. What do I know?

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