On Standards

Do you know what I disapprove of?  Bad, no terrible, dating advice.  Do you know what I am even more disapproving of?  Terrible dating advice to young women insinuating that crappy behavior from a guy is acceptable and she lower her standards [or maybe have none at all] so that the following seems appealing:

Dear Girls:  this is stupid advice.

There are so many things wrong with that advice.  The terrible grammar or the fact that pausing a video game somehow signifies that this guy is some sort of great, awesome, reliable, worthwhile guy.  Like, “Oh wow!  He paused his game for ME!   Oh my goodness gracious, I am soooo lucky.”  No.  There are two ways to respond to this, at least to me: 1) the guy in question SHOULD be texting you back if he appreciates you; or 2) chill out chicky, he’s busy and will text you back when he gets a chance.  Probably first chill out, and then realize he appreciates you if he takes time to do that.  HOWEVER, that’s not a reason to marry someone.

Now, this.  This is a reason to marry someone. 

But you know what, don’t take dating advice from me girls; I’m single.

But wait, do you know why I’m single.  Because I have standards.  I am confident in myself, and not willing to settle for a doof.  I know that I am not willing to get into a relationship with a guy who looks like this:

…or is only as smart as this:

..or worse, a combination of these two. [I think I confused Google when I entered the search term “short, fat, bald fish”.  It showed me some pictures of short, fat, bald men and then other pictures of people fishing or of fish.  Sorry about that, Google.]

My point is: set your standards high, and have confidence that you are correct in having high standards.    It’s okay to be picky if you know that you have something to offer in return.   This applies to both men and women, but not to fish.


3 thoughts on “On Standards

    1. Bleh! I will always be single, forever, if my only choice is short, fat, and bald – call me shallow, I don’t care. Besides, I am not necessarily looking for Mr. Right. Rather, Mr. Hey-You’re-Cute,-Fun,-and-Don’t-Suffocate-Me-With-Your-Neediness so that we can get to know one another. That’s not too much to ask, is it? 😉

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