On Mid-Week Musings [No. 1]

I have been attempting to idea generate.  It’s working…sort of.  Most articles I read tell one to look around his or her daily life for inspiration to write, and “soon it will snowball from there!”  Okay, okay, that’s not a direct quote from anyone or -where, but you get the idea.  Basically, my daily life should generate ALL of the ideas I should ever need.

Here is the problem with that:  I work in a legal profession where confidentiality is key.  I simply cannot tell you those stories.  They are not mine to share most of the time, anyways.  Here is my other problem – while I LOVE LOVE LOVE Q dearly, I do not always find it appropriate to write about my child on my blog.  Plus, I like to mix it up.  So I feel that sometimes it is okay to throw Q stories in, but I would like to write about other things.

Well, my idea generating has resulting in…well…an idea.  I found this wonderful book, which I eventually plan on purchasing, titled The Secret Me and another titled Q and A a Day and yet another titled 642 Things to Write Journal.  

So mid-week, I decided to post about some random ruminations.  [I tried very hard to find an alliteration for Wednesday or Thursday that would incorporate a synonym of “thoughts”;  I did not do a very good job of it.  So, we’re stuck with “Mid-Week Musings”.]

Anyway, on to it:  [FYI, not everyone post will have this much of a lead up.  Whew!  Right?]

When were you born?  1984 – the year that the novel of the same name is set in.  [10 miscellaneous, arbitrary, and useless points to anyone who tells me the author’s name WITHOUT Google!  (Not that I’ll ever know if you do. 😉 )]

Where were you born?  I actually don’t know the answer, except to say somewhere in the Twin Cities in the great State of Minnesota.  I listed Minneapolis on my son’s birth certificate for my place of birth, though.

Can you play chess?  No, I cannot.  But there’s an app for that.

Do you believe in love at first sight?  I am not entirely sure I do.  But, I am not entirely sure I do not.  I DO believe in like at first sight.   Happens WAY too much for to me.

Where do you currently live?  In Mankato, Minnesota.

When you die, you’d like to have your body:  [ X ] Buried  [ X ]Cremated  [    ]Frozen  [    ]Mummified    I really hope I do not have to worry about this for a long, long time.  But I guess, for me, whatever my family thinks is fine by me.  It’s not like I will be effected one way or the other.  It’s up to my loved ones to decide how they feel they could best honor my memory and grieve me.

Which of your parents named you?  I am not sure, but I would guess my mom.  I am named after the movie Savannah Smiles.  I was told all the while I was growing up how I looked like the little girl in the movie.  I have never seen said movie.

What was your first word?  I probably should have investigated these questions before I answered them, but I really didn’t think that far ahead, and besides, where’s the fun and spontaneity in that?!

Would you choose to be immortal if given the chance?  [    ]Yes  [ X ]No  I’m not at all confident in this answer.  I am struggling with the paradigm of feeling young and wanting to act young [probably younger than I am on both accounts], but facing getting older, and not knowing how  to reconcile the two.

Do you believe in karma?  [ X ]Yes  [    ]No  Heck yes, I do.   And everyone is going to get their’s – good OR bad.

And there you have it.  My first installation of Mid-Week Musings.  🙂


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