On Quotable Quotes No. 1

My cousin and I are of like minds.  That being said, a quote:

          ‘The time after high school is very intriguing. It can take a ugly duckling and help her

          blossom into a beautiful swan. It can also take an already beautiful swan and turn her

          into that thing you see on the side of the road and think to yourself “oh my god what was

          that? A bird? A coon? Was that even from this planet? It’s so nasty and bloated and.. Oh

          my.. Has something been chewing on it already? Mercy, nature can be a cruel cruel place..”.

          This, my friends, is why I wish luck to the many youngsters out there today and also why I

           think high school reunions can be so exciting. Be thankful for what you have and remember

          that those things you find undesirable can change, life is predictably unpredictable.’


2 thoughts on “On Quotable Quotes No. 1

  1. Yeah, it’s hard to believe at the time that high school is just a phase that can be completely different from what you’ll be like when you enter the real world.

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