On Mid-Week Musings [No. 2]

Are your parents divorced?  [ X ]  Yes     [    ]  No

Do you generally remember your dreams?  [    ]  Yes      [ X ]  No  I think I probably only remember a fraction of them.  But if I forget them how would I know?!

How do you prefer your eggs cooked?  It generally depends on my mood.  I really enjoy omelets, hard-boiled, and sunny-side up.  However, I can make scrambled eggs in the microwave so I make those most often.

Have you seen a ghost?  [    ]  Yes      [ X ]  No  –  Or rather – Uuuuum…I doubt it.

Have you named a vehicle?  [    ]  Yes      [ X ]  No

Which of the following bothers you most?  [    ]  Being Tackled     [    ]  Paper Cuts      [    ]   Nails scraped on a chalkboard      [ X ] Silence

Well, as annoying as being tackled would be, I already put up with that, sort of, from my three year old.  On the contrary, there should be an option here stating “Listening to crappy country music”; THAT’S worse than silence.

The most expensive thing you ever paid cash for:  Well, I guess that depends on what is meant by cash.  Like cold hard greens?  Probably drinks at a bar, like a round for $30 or something.  Writing a check?  Either the dentist or the mechanic – apparently teeth cleanings and fixing your car cost the same.

Have you seen a tornado with your own eyes?  [    ]  Yes      [ X ]  No

Have you been in a long distance relationship?  [ X ]  Yes      [    ]  No  –  They don’t work very well.

Have you won a game of pool?  [ X ] Yes  [    ]  No  –  Not on purpose, though.

Have you seen a baby being born?  [ X ]  Yes      [    ]  No  – You know, because I gave birth that one time and all.

Do you scrub your tongue when brushing your teeth?  [ X ]  Yes      [    ]  No  –  Most of the time, to be specific, but not always.

Have you been in the ocean?  [ X ]  Yes      [    ]  No –  Only once for about two hours.

Have you had a black eye?  [ X ]  Yes      [    ]  No  – Yeah, thanks, sis.

Have you hitchhiked?  [    ]  Yes       [ X ]  No  –  That seems dangerous!


5 thoughts on “On Mid-Week Musings [No. 2]

  1. Well I’m learning all sorts of things about you. BTW, I did see a tornado in Texas while with my parents driving back from Vegas. I almost needed a change of underwear when I did. We sped out of Texas that evening.

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