On Harry Potter: A Book [Series] Review

I’m far behind the times; I barely read the Harry Potter books for the first time this summer.  [Thank you, free e-reader app on my phone.]  I haven’t even seen all of the movies.

I feel like I just finished one of the more extraordinary journeys of my life.  Amazing.


6 thoughts on “On Harry Potter: A Book [Series] Review

  1. Wasn’t much of a fan early in the series, but it grows on you as it gets darker and is less dependent on silly names like “Hufflepuff”, “Dumbledore”, and “muggles”.

  2. I ready them finally after my son bugged me for years! I read his books for the first 5 then I had to buy the last two. The first one he read when he was 9, and wrote inside. It was held together by scotch tape and staples! It was funny to read it while on an airplane. I’m glad I read the whole thing but I havent’ watched the movies completely.

  3. So glad to hear of another HP fan! I love both the books and movies, but as usual books trump the movies. JK Rowling’s writing is so wonderful to read, not like other youth-focused series (*ahem* Twilight—sorry Twihard fans!). I think you’ll enjoy the movies a whole lot now that you’ve read the series. The first few were decent, but they get really good towards the end.

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