On Mid-Week Musings [No. 3]

There are these things that I keep seeing pop up everywhere called 5 Year Journals which I was first made aware of by this blog here.  I’m not sure if I have the wherewithal to keep a 5 YEAR journal, but I’ll keep adding to my mid-week musings.  I feel like having a “goal” [for my blog] is a good thing.

Ps: remember when I was all, “Ooooh I’m SOOOO going to work out on a regular basis!”?  YEP!  Nope – I kind of suck at that.  BUT, then today, I remembered that I have Dance Dance Revolution, which I LOVE!  I’m bringing that back, baby!


Anyways, if I remember next year to check this particular dat for my five year “journal entry”, then today’s question is:  What is your number one goal this?   Do you see what I did there?!  Because my number one goal is to maintain a healthy, fit lifestyle, and cut out the crappy food, foor good, that I allow myself to eat.

And for some final inspiration this week:

You must do the thing you think you cannot do.  —Eleanor Roosevelt


4 thoughts on “On Mid-Week Musings [No. 3]

    1. Thanks! I definitely need it! I have cute out so much junk food, I hardly eat any bad food anymore. My biggest downfall now is coffee with cream and sugar…because coffee by itself is icky. :/

  1. I love DDR. I have a metal mat sitting in my closet. I used to pull it out when we had parties at the house. Good luck getting back into the routine. I have to admit I did start to get a little laxed myself for a few weeks due to it just being so hot outside, but I’ve started getting back into it. Fortunately, I stuck with my diet and didn’t lose any progress.

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