On that Awkward Moment When….

…you’re showering, and you just started washing your face and have soap all over your face, but you’re SURE that you heard someone creeping on you in your apartment, and they are going to attack you in the shower, and you either: a) get attacked while naked, blind, and defenseless in the shower; or b) try to open your eyes to make SURE that no one is ACTUALLY standing JUST outside your shower curtain, but you have soap on your face, and you get soap in your eyes, and it hurts like hell; and now, you can’t see anyways and still aren’t sure if anyone is going to attack you so, you have to rinse your face fully anyways; and by that time, you realize that if someone were going to attack you, they would have done it already, but that doesn’t make you feel less anxious.


…you forget what happened in the aforementioned scenario the next time you shower, and the whole process starts all over again.


4 thoughts on “On that Awkward Moment When….

  1. How about this? When you’re washing your hair and your eyes are closed, do you stand facing the shower because you don’t wanna see if there’s something creepy behind you, or do you stand facing away from the shower, because then if a hand that’s not yours does run through your hair… it’s gonna freak you out beyond belief.

    1. Bahahahaha! Well, I suppose it depends on his mental state then. Is he a psychopathic sex-offender?! Then I want nothing to do with him…
      Did he hear my loud, LOUD shower singing and come to make sure I wasn’t dying? Okay then!

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