On the Reasons I Want to Be Physically Active and Fit

I was reading The Life of Jamie today, and she was wrapping up her fitness challenge with a post on how she did in the challenge.  I admit it – I was inspired to continue with my own goals.  So, I went for a run today.

On my run today, I thought of a few things.

First is that I don’t think I have a definite enough goal in mind to work toward.  It’s easy to stray when my goal is “to be more healthy and fit”.  No time line.  No weight loss goal.  No targeted muscle group mentioned.  No definitive plan set out in any way.

Second – I don’t own a scale.  I heard once that if you don’t own a scale you will feel better about yourself because you aren’t chaining yourself to a number.  However, how can you measure your progress if you don’t have something with which to measure??

Third – what are the specific reasons I want “to be more healthy and fit”?  Those I thought of for a while.  And I have a solid list of them.

1.  While I love shopping for clothing, I want to shop because it’s fun and NOT because I need to go out and buy larger sizes.  Better yet, I’d like to be a size or two smaller.

2.  I want to be able to stand with my feet shoulder width apart and NOT have my thighs touch each other.  If I reached no other goal than that, I’d fell healthier.  I’m not sure, but I think it’s a woman thing…?

3.  I feel better about myself after I exercise.  It’s true, and I forget it.  I forget it A LOT.  I don’t motivate very well, but I ALWAYS feel better about myself after exercising.  The trade off is quite obvious.

4.  I want to have one of those cool before and after photos.  You know the ones….

This seems pretty legit compared to some of them.  😉

     5.  While I was out running, and I am probably using that term a little bit loosely, I noticed how disgusting fast food smells.  YUCK!  Did you know that I live literally within a block of two different fast food restaurants?  Disgusting… I would rather run and be disgusted by the smell than go and eat there ever again.  Okay, well I may cheat once in a while, that’s to be expected, but I can’t give myself excuses anymore – such as, I’m already having a bad, why don’t I just pile on some fast food, too?  Eat a cheese stick for goodness sake!


7 thoughts on “On the Reasons I Want to Be Physically Active and Fit

  1. Forget the scales, take your measurements – that’s where you see the difference. Also, if you have any clothes that are a bit tight, aim to get into those – ‘the trousers of truth’. Go you :~)

    1. Ah yes – I definitely have some “trousers of truth”. Right now they are telling me, “Girl, you are fluffierthan you were this winter and you need to fix that!”

  2. I inherited a good metabolism and in general I eat healthy, so my weight has remained steady all of my adult life. Therein lies the problem with working out. I hate it. I LOVE doing stuff: riding my bike, karate, pulling weeds even, but going to the gym…ick. It’s difficult to be motivated when you’re perfectly happy with the body in the mirror. I’m naturally thin, but with a nice amount of curves. Sure there’s some jiggle, but short of turning into a hard-core athlete, that isn’t going anywhere. I feel like one of the actors in a movie playing a cheesy actor:
    “Where’s my motivation?”

    1. Doing other activities is so much more fun than plain old exercise. I’m looking forward to when my kid is old enough for me to have that flexibility to do more activities. 🙂

  3. Fitness is extremely important to me, has been since 1986. As a teen I was uncoordinated, always the last to be picked for sports etc. but as an adult, not many can touch me now, ok except for those competitive ones. Best of luck!

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