On My Weekly Fitness and Health Check-In [08.13.2012]

It’s quite obvious that I’ve skipped some “weekly” updates.  I can’t lie; I was afraid to post because I was hesitant to hold myself accountable.  Which is the exactly the reason why I wanted to start these posts – accountability.

It’s important to hold yourself accountable when trying to form new lifestyle habits.  How else am I going to form those habits if I don’t follow a plan and hold myself accountable for when I deviate?

So, I ate some fast food, and skipped a bunch of exercising stints.  And I ate ice cream – more than I should have.

However.  Something in me just clicked this past week.  Maybe it’s because I just keep talking about with anyone around me that will listen.  [Thanks Cousin Josh and work friends for humoring me continuously!]  I really feel like I’ve turned a corner.

Over the course of the weekend, I noticed a few different things.  Changes, if you will.  First, pants that had gotten a touch too tight are no longer too tight.  The “trousers of truth” as Phoenix called them.  I have a few pairs of those.  And so far, four of those pairs are better.  If only my work pants would be looser – so THOSE are the ultimate truth-tellers!

Second, I just got so fed up with my excuses NOT to exercise:  I don’t belong to a gym; I hate running outside when it’s cold/too far/whatever;  I don’t want to exercise in front of others; it’s too hard to exercise with Q around.  Ugh!  Knock it off. self!  I also read this article which lists excuses that fit women don’t make.  It hit home.  I definitely make excuses.  So, there’s no excuse for making excuses.

Oh, and I downloaded this GREAT app called Lose It! on which you can set your goals and record your progress.  It’s really handy.  I know that there are tons of different apps out there like this one, but I really like this particular app.  It’s also on WordPress!  🙂

And there’s a bunch of tips and words of encouragement I’ve found helpful, as well, such as:



Other things that have really inspired me to work out more, even if in small doses:

– I can eat just one extra piece of chocolate if I increase the number of calories I burn.  [You’ll never convince me to give up chocolate, no matter how fit I am!]

– Noticing the HUGE difference in caloric intake in my food.  For example, 1 cup of the ice cream I like has the same amount of calories as 3 and 1/4 cups of pineapple chunks – holy cow!  What a difference!!!

And on top of that, I had a definitive mood boost today!  Happy Monday!


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