On Antics, Crazy, Crazy Antics

Folks, apparently I can get cray with the best of them.  😉

My poor cousin is so good natured, he just put up with all my crazy antics out on the town on a Saturday night.  A couple of recaps include:

“Haaave you met my cousin Josh? He’s new in town.” -Me to the lovely lady with the less lovely friend.  I then proceeded to chat up the friend for a while.  I’m a good wing-cousin. (Insert TM symbol here.) 😉

Loud statements about my own standards and types of guy I find attractive.  “Not those two!”

Stating that I was at the most depressing house ever because I was out having a good time only to be thrust into the bowels of someone else’s sadness.

Definitively determining that men who look like bearskin rugs aren’t what I consider attractive.

Not remembering faces…or the amount of hair one has or does not have.

Stating that I am going to be so on-purpose creepy to girls my cousin meets if they come to the apartment.  Example: apparently I’m going to make them breakfast and tell them to leave and that they can keep the fork.

Overall joviality and merriment.  🙂

I’m ridiculous….wait for it…ly awesome!  😀


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