On My “Weekly” Fitness and Health Check-In [08.29.2012]

There are air quotes around weekly because, well, let’s face it, I’m pretty terrible at keeping up with these.

However, I HAVE been keeping up with my healthy eating and even my exercising, though that’s been a bit erratic.

Thanks to that handy app “LoseIt!”, I have been really keeping track of what I eat, and what exercise I do.  It’s pretty addicting actually, and has really made me conscious of the things I eat.

For instance, one Dove chocolate square is 44 calories, whereas one cup of sliced strawberries is only 53 calories.  Really?!  Really.  So, if I eat 6 chocolates, like I did today,  I could have had approximately 5 and a half cups of strawberries.  And been way more full and satisfied to boot.  I really need to make wiser choices.  Well, actually, I HAVE been – but let’s just agree that today was a really stressful day.  Everyone has those, though, so ya win some, ya lose some.

As for exercise, well, like I said, that’s been erratic – though I did go on an approximately three mile walk yesterday with R.  That was a good walk.  HOT, though.  Whew.

Did I mention that it’s going to be a record-breaking high of 100 degrees tomorrow here in Minnesota?  WHEW!



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