On Craptastic Pick-up Lines

“hey, how’s it going?  you interested in sex?”  Ew, not with you.

“Hey how old is your son?”  That’s the creepiest “introduction” ever.

“I lost my phone number.  Can I borrow yours?”  Unfortunately, I don’t believe in the use of technological devices.  Other than my computer.  And my TV.  And my car.  And electricity as a whole.  Oh, and my phone.



3 thoughts on “On Craptastic Pick-up Lines

    1. The pick-up lines – yes, unfortunately.

      They are most definitely things that have actually been said to me, mostly through the internet dating website. Haha.

      My responses are really just what I’d like to say back to them, but I’m just too darn nice to lower someone’s self-esteem that much. :/

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