On a Simple Conversation

I met a lovely old man today

He is a Korean war vet, a medic in the war.  He wanted to make sure that I didn’t think he was hoodwinking me, so he showed me his military I.D.  He asked me multiple times if I was in college still and if Q was my son.  He didn’t believe me at first, I think, when I told him, “No, I’m done with college, and yes this is my son, Q.  He’s three.  I’m 28.”

With a look of shock, he exclaimed, “But you look so much younger!  What do you do?  How do you stay so young-looking?”

I don’t really know.  So I told him so.  I mentioned maybe it’s low stress, I like to smile, or that I truly enjoy my job.

We continued to chat a bit about my work, and how I stay youthful.  He talked about the church, but not in a pushy way, just touched on his Catholicism.  He gave me a Christian magazine while telling me that he hopes I will find it useful, even though I’m not church-oriented, which he didn’t seem to mind.

As Q was rushing me to hurry up, the gentlemen told me that it’s obvious I’m quite an intelligent young woman, as well as very beautiful, successful, and quite charming. He told he hopes one day I find a young man who can appreciate me for those qualities and who can match them, someone who will enhance them.

It was, by far, the loveliest conversations I have EVER had.   


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