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On a Letter to my Dearest Friends

To my dearest friends:

I believe you will know who you are.

I am lucky.  I am fortunate to have obtained the friendship of women of such caliber.  Not everyone sees it all of time.  And it’s true, sometimes I forget, too – lost in my own selfish thoughts and ponderings, yearnings and worries.  But it IS true – I am favored by such friendship as yours.

Women of strength, of fortitude, of charm and brilliance.  Full of life, full of quirks, but most of all – full of love.  I am lucky enough to have women such as that for my friends.

Women who forgive me my flaws, give me unsolicited and always spot on advice.  Women who pick me up when I am down and who share in my joys.

I am fortunate, indeed.

And whether we are separated by miles, or busy social lives, or time, or see each other every day, know that I carry you in my heart.

Know how much you mean to me.  Thank you.


On Recognizing What You Have

I, like any other person, have those moments when I question life.  I second guess myself, where I am at in life, and where I plan to go from here.    Sometimes when I have a bad day, I have a bad day.  Sometimes this segues into bad month…then what comes next?  A bad year?

Who wants to be stuck in that loop?  I know I have been there PLENTY of times – though maybe not a whole year.  This year, I have taken myself to hand and am really trying to focus on and recognize how much I already have and how lucky I really am.  I have a really great life, all things considered.

I have a super amazing child.  My son is so smart!  And adorable!  And, I have one of those kids who is super cuddly and love-y almost all of the time.  He knows his numbers and his ABC’s; he’s super funny; and when we watch movies together, he holds hands with me!  Who needs to go out on a date when I already have the best date ever?!  Not me!

I have already met the love of my life!

I have a great job that I sincerely enjoy.  I love my job!  I am fully aware that in this economy, in this job market, and after working at the Retail Store, that I am one of the luckiest people on EARTH!  To work with people I get along with, who are always willing to pitch in and lend a hand to each other, who don’t complain about every little thing, and to sincerely be interested in what I do – it’s amazing, and make me really enjoy getting to work every morning, even if I struggle with punctuality!  And unlike at the Retail Store, which was “just a job” that helped me pay my bills, this is my career.  (Which I hope will lead me to another career.)

A day in the life.

I have a relatively reliable automobile.  I have a 1999 Chevy Cavalier.  It is not the best car in the world, but it is fairly reliable; it gets me from point A to point B; and, apparently, if you ignore the “check engine” light long enough, that light just shuts off.  (Win-win situation for both my car and I.  Probably.) The trunk only opens sometimes, and the keyless entry only works in certain temperatures.  But really, it does what I need it to do.  Now, let’s all knock on wood, just in case I have jinxed it.

Here she is – except imagine a yellow bumper, a banged up rear fender, and  missing hubcap. Classy!

I have some of the BEST friends anywhere.  Hands down – I would not give up or trade my friends for anything.  They celebrate with me when something good happens.  They support me even when I make stupid decisions and poor choices.  They are there for me when I am sad.  They do not judge me, or if they do, they do it behind my back like a good friend should.  *Wink.*  They are a vital part of my life, and I am so lucky to have such supportive wonderful people in my life.  Here’s lookin’ at you, ladies!

I would include a roof over my head, food to eat, and the rest of the basics of life, but my neighbors sort of scare me some days, and really anger me on others; I live a block and a half from a super scary trailer park; and I need to replenish the contents of my refrigerator.

But all-in-all, even those things I have, and I am grateful to have them.  How lucky am I?!