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On Hilarious Three-Year-Old Quotes

Things my three year old says during a sword fight:

“Die, you CREATURE!”
“I’m gonna put you down!”
“I’m gonna put you in my crayon box.”

Things he says when fighting imaginary bad guys with his Captain America shield:

“I gonna break you up into ATOMS!”

Things he says to his mom (me!):

“Can I touch your stomach, mommy?”  *pokes me in stomach*  “It’s bouncy like a trampoline.”

“Keep it down please, Mommy. Sh…can you keep it down please? Please can you keep it done?”  [As I was sitting there quietly, NOT talking.]

*maniacal laughing for no apparent reason for minutes on end*  “Why are you laughing Q bear?”  “I just laughing because I laughing”  *continues maniacal laughing*